to an inexistent audience

26 02 2008

hi there everybody! #.# *sigh*. this feel a little strange, like talking to an inexistent audience… oh, well!

this blog has no main theme, I will write about all silly things that interest me in the moment and some things that might interest you. so I was thinking about doing book and comic reviews, talk about the authors I like and post illustrations from artists that make me go crazy. from time to time I hope to be able to post some of my own doodles too – done mostly during class. but my main and most ambitious project is to create an interactive city guide with a compilation of the places we like to visit in our city. I would start with madrid, since I live here, but the idea is that people start submitting their own fave places to complete the guide. as I say, it’s still only a project and i don’t know how or if it will work, but it’d be nice to try.

that’s all for now you big, great inexistent audience.




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26 02 2008
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