New Series “Eli Stone”

6 03 2008

Yesterday, the series “Eli Stone” crossed my way. At first I was only interested because one of the leading actors is Victor Garber (Jack Bristow in the great tv series Alias), but then I saw the pilot episode and it really got me. Its a new series from ABC and this is part of the review published on their webpage:

“Is it possible to change life midstream and get back to who you are at your core?

From Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters,Dirty Sexy Money, Everwood)

and Marc Guggenheim (Brothers & Sisters, Law & Order, The Practice)

comes a story about a lawyer who finds himself at a crossroads

between the man he has become and the man he wants to be …

even if that means being a prophet.

Driven by ambition, Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller,
The Flying Scotsman)

has built a successful career at a top San Francisco law firm

in representing the biggest and richest corporations

where “screwing over the little guy” is common practice.

After experiencing a series of odd hallucinations,

including a crooning vision of George Michael,

Eli turns to his neurologist brother, Nathan (Matt Letsher, The New Adventures of Old Christine),

only to be told there is nothing wrong with him.

As the visions persist, he’s anxious to find the cause of his delirium

and seeks the help of Dr. Chen (James Saito, I Think I Love My Wife),

a Chinese acupuncturist who specializes in holistic medicine.

Though skeptical of his practice, Eli finds Dr. Chen

can help him recall important memories from his past.”


This series premiered in the States just after one of Lost episodes, so it was granted with a 11 million watchers… And that’s really good having on mind that it’s a new series that didn’t had that much advertising.




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