Shana Logic: Pixel Girl Shop On-line

6 03 2008

Shana Logic it’s an Indie Shop where you can find some gorgeous jewelry, lovely hats, very cute plushes, etc.

I really recomend this shop, and if you by any chance don’t live on the States as it is my case, they will ship to Spain for example, and because you pay in Dollars its a bit cheaper than if it where on Euros, XDD!!

I really Love this one, >_<!! Well both of them…

As you can see they have lots of different desings.

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5 responses

6 03 2008

wow!!!! I’m dying to have one of those sushi pillows!!! and the cat is soooo cute!! how ’bout the price? do you need a big budget to raid the store?

6 03 2008

Well you need some budget… some of the stuff is still expensive allthough they are in Dollars… but some of those are at a reasonable price.

I recomend if we want something, and are certain to buy it, to do it in one order only… that way we split the shipping, XDDD!!!

6 06 2008

wheree is the store? i just can’t find it!!

7 06 2008

oww!!! I’m so sorry, I forgot to put the link to the page…

this is web adress:

they have new stuff that I love, it’s great >_<!!!

5 01 2011

super cute!! haha :) everything in that store reminds me of my cousin, thanks for the post! she’s gonna love it =]

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