10 03 2008

this is a silly anecdote from a short trip to paris of some time ago. it’s in french because I usually think in the laguage I speak and at the time I was speaking french. it translates more or less like this:

[it costs 8€ to go to roissy airport…]

[fuck! it’s too expensive! ]

[oh, well… we`re passing without paying. – are you sure?]

[blah, blah, blah…]

[I’m heavy. – I’m super-heavy. – oops?]


the thing was we decided not to purchase a RER ticket to get on the train and risk being caught. well, we weren’t caught, but we had to jump the barrier with two very heavy suitcases full of comicbooks in front of two station guards because apparently even though the ticket wasn’t needed to get in, it was to get out…




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