more [mortal instruments] fanart

13 04 2008

as I said, I would be eventually drawing some more fanart for [the mortal instruments] trilogy. I have just finished the second book, [city of ashes], after kat XDDD returned it this weekend and I feel more like giving it a push. I had already read through half of the novel when I handed it to Kat XDDD in an attempt to draw temptation  away from me, so I started some new designs for the characters. I wish I had the time to illustrate some of the book’s scenes… regrets, regrets… meanwhile I bring you simon and clary. isabel, alec and jace are waiting patiently in my photoshop workspace.




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13 04 2008

Waaaaaa!!!! so you’ve finished!!!! now we can talk about everything, XDD!!! sorry to have read the book before you… I tried to stop at your mark… but couldn’t… Now it’s InoueAkiko’s turn, we are a bit frikis are we not? >_<

P.D.: I love the drawings!!!!

I’m a big fan of yours!!!! (now you can pay me, :P)

13 08 2008

Hey :).

I’m thinking of making a RPG for Mortal Instruments, I’m wondering if I could put your pics on it.



14 08 2008

sure! just don’t forget to cresit, please!

14 08 2008

oops, *credit*.

26 09 2009
[Fidelis ad Mortem]

Ok yes i stole the name from the book! Lol. But anyways, Im doing my English project on the Mortal Instruments Series. Can I get some help? I just need like rough drafts of what the tatoos would look like. I tried to imagine what they would look like and drwa them but i always mess up. Lol! XP

26 09 2009
[Fidelis ad Mortem]


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