[mortal instruments] fanart – isabel&alec

14 04 2008

I finished isabel and alec today while working at my university’s student association. yey! only jace to go!

the kanji on isabel’s cheek means “beauty” or “beautiful”, while alec’s is “ai”, from “love”.

hope you like it!




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15 04 2008

Nanachan!! Has clavado los dibujos. Son perfectos!! Así me imaginaba a cada personaje. Lo único que cambiaría sería poner a Simon con gafas, y ya no cabría ninguna objeción por mi parte.

15 04 2008

hehe… there is a good reason for simon not wearing any glasses, though you don’t know yet…

15 04 2008

hehe… That’s what I thought too, that InoueAkiko wouldn’t know why he’s not wearing glasses but it’s better this way, XDD!!

She’ll find out soon enought, though.

15 05 2008

We want to see Jace… T_T but don’t worry we’ll wait till exams are over >_<

In june you were still here, right??? Latelly I´m having trouble remembering things (in exams period… could it be worse).

See you tomorrow with InoueAkiko, hope she doesn’t have class either.

15 05 2008

hehe… *ashamed* – I know I said I’d be adding him as soon as possible, but I keep putting it off… it sort of scares me as much as it scared me drawing him. he was the last one to be drawn because I had this feeling everybody expected more from Jace than from the others. somehow Jace has to be perfect, if you don’t get him right it’s not worth the effert. I don’t know if I captured the image I had in my head as accurately as I wanted, but it’s nice to know that you liked him nonetheless.

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