15 04 2008

some pics from this easter trip to london. larger post in [habitación ambulante] by kat XDDD – in spanish though. take a look at her photos because she’s the pro here, not me :)

the trip was great in itself, albeit the london shitty weather… I have realised that I turn into a sulky, dark version of myself when exposed to long terms of bad weather… it’s like a dr. jeckill and mr. hyde thing, but with lack of sun light as a trigger. I’m sorry for kat XDDD who had to put up with me all week.

we managed to end up in one of the foulest youth-hostels we could have come across, but went through it stoically. we were ripped off in a fancy coffee-shop at piccadilly – over some tea and toast. but the worst of all is that we went back twice for more. the last time I was determined to sabotage them by removing a spoonful of blackcurrant jam from these tiny jars they served and close it again for the next unfortunate client to find, but kat XDDD wouldn’t let me…

on the plus side, we found a café-pub that served coffees for £1! and good coffee at that, not crappy starbucks wannabe. we also got to eat japanese [okonomiyaki] at [abeno], the only restaurant in europe that serves this kansai specialty.




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