8 05 2008

[hanazakari no kimitachi e, ikemen paradaisu] is the incredibly long title of a jdorama that translates as [for you in full bloom, hotties paradise] no less… forgetting this undoubtedly ill choice of a title, the series is actually great. totally absurd humour in an all-boys boarding school, with [horikita maki], [oguri shun] and [ikuta toma] as maincharacters and co-starring [mizushima hiro] and [shirota yu].

ashiya mizuki [horikita maki] is a japanese girl living in the U.S who infiltrates [ohsaka high], an all-boys boarding school, disguised as a boy to meet one of its students, high-jump athlete sano izumi [oguri shun]. sano has given up high-jumping due to an injury and for some initially unknown reason mizuki blames herself and is determined to make her idol jump again. we could say mizuki’s decision is what triggers everything. in each episode we will see mizuki struggle to live among all these teenage boys without being exposed for what she really is. she will gradually get more and more into her role of “boy” to the point where she becomes a little reckless, which is the most fun. meanwhile, her desire to restore sano’s dream will develop into a different feeling altogether, something she doesn’t realise until much later. what she is certain about is the importance of her friendship with nakatsu [ikuta toma], who is himself struggling with his own feelings for what he thinks is a “boy”.

utterly hilarious and a bit childish at times, hanakimi is another romantic comedy worth seeing. the best character is without a doubt nakatsu shuichi [ikuta toma], always talking to himself and gesturing too much for his own good. [oguri’s] character, sano, has also very good moments, specially when he gets drunk and starts kissing everything that moves!

there are 12 episodes to this series and a special coming up this summer in japan. I think it is subbed in english by [sars fansubs]. you can find each episode’s torrent at their site, but I rather recommend that you look them up in veoh for dd.

as you can imagine, there is a manga from which everything stems. if you’re interested in knowing more about it check this post on [hanakimi] from [scrumptious]. since I can’t seem to make the link work i suggest you google “scrumptious animeblog” and you should get to it without much problem.

right there, enjoy!




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13 05 2008

Ok!! at first I didn’t believe you, but I really fell in love with this dorama, >_<
They are just great, and I can tell you that Oguri Shun (more commonly known as Onigiri) is very cute, but I prefer Ikuta Toma XDDD (he’s just so… lovable)

I want to live in that Dorm T_T (and if it can be in the same room as Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma, better *_*

Really, I loved the Dorama, now I’m starting with Gokusen, lets see if it’s that good…

13 05 2008

yay!!!! I knew you’d love it! I also prefer nakatsu, he’s sooo cute. but I kind of had something for onigiri-kun from the start, so I guess it can’t be helped. been watching “1rst prince of coffeshop” and I can say now with all conviction that korean actors are hotter than japanese ones – at least they’ve got more muscle. I’ll pass it on when we see each other.

14 05 2008


I want to be a kissing monster too!!! Though I think we meat the other day someone just like Sano… (Victor is the first time that a gay kisses me @_@)

I really, really want to be a kissing monster and don’t have to bother with the consequences, XDDD.


20 05 2008
[nobuta wo produce] « in dreams begin responsibility

[…] I feel ashamed that in my previous post of [hanakimi] I couldn’t list any dorama in which [horikita maki] had appeared, since she has starred also […]

8 02 2009

what a funny dorama :P rofl
i couldnt stop laughing when i was watching this dorama :P

18 05 2009

i love this drama soooooooooo much and it’s so fanny too

9 08 2009

ikuta toma es lo mejor …………….:)

28 10 2009

tôi thích Hanakimi… tôi yêu hanakimi.
hehehe…. thích nhất là Oguri shun, i love him

28 10 2009

like … I love Hanakimi hanakimi.
hehehe …. Oguri shun is like, i love him

28 01 2010

wow yo amo esta serie ja fue la primeraa que vi jaja esta demasiado lindaa ^^haha amo a ikuta toma jaaj es tan lindoo ^///^ cuando esta con mizuki jaja es tan divertido tamb jaja a sekime tamb lo amoo jaja amo su sonrrisaa es la mejorr :p

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