28 05 2008

Ok! I know I should be studying and working but somehow I need to let my stress out, so I decided it would be a great idea to watch some J-doramas… And when I was done with the doramas I started searching for some J-music and that’s when I found Arashi (Nana-chan already told me about them and we saw some pictures together… but since I was with classes and exams I needed some relax time and I thought of watching some of their videos, >.<!!!)

This one is Sakura Sake (Cherry Blossoms Blooming), They are so cute as Students… and so sexy as teachers, >_<!!! (Specially my MatsuJun @_@) the best part is when Sho starts his rap solo.

Well ARASHI is a japanese Boys Band. Their First single A-RA-SHI was a hit and more than 80,000 fans appeared at their debut in 1999. This band as many others is managed by Johnny’s Entertainment, as News (previously the group of Yamapi, before he started his Solo career), Tokio, KAT-TUN or V6.

The members of Arashi are:

Sakurai Sho

He writes his own rap lyrics, he is the most educated, he went to Keio’s University to study while being an Idol. He is also an actor and a News Caster, the last dorama where he’s acted is Yamada Taro Monogatari where Nino also has a part.

Ninomiya Kazunari

He’s mostly known for his acting, like in the dorama Stand up! (where Yamapi also has a part) or his appearence in Clint Eastwood’s film Letters from Iwo Jima. He loves to play the piano and has many versions of Arashi’s songs played and singed by him.

Aiba Masaki

Aiba recently completed shooting a drama special called “Triple Kitchen”. Arashi is also having a new album coming out in July, and are currently in preparations for their corresponding summer concert tour. His english is not very good… XDDD (you will understand why soon…)

Ohno Satoshi

When he first joined Arashi, he was the only member no one really knew very well. The other Arashi members had worked together often as Juniors and had been in units together, but Ohno spent much of his time as a Junior working in Kyoto doing plays. (He is, if possible worse at english than Aiba).

Matsumoto Jun

And last but not least… Matsujun!!!! He is just gorgeous, >_<!!! Sorry, back to the subject… He is an actor that has lots of background… He stared as Momo in Kimi Wa Petto, as Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango (with Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui, ^_^ so cute!!!!). Matsumoto proved his acting abilities winning Best Supporting Actor in 2002 for his role as Sawada Shin in the drama adaptation of Gokusen (also with Oguri Shun). Lately he has had a leading role in the film Kakushi Toride no San Akunin, wich he went to Las Vegas to present… (lucky them…) The film is a Remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress.

Aiba and Onho’s English Lesson…

And another song by ARASHI, XDD!!!


And this one if for Nana-Chan, >_<!!!




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28 05 2008

waaa!!!!! omoshiroi ne!! thank’s for the post. I had no idea sho had been a keio student, impressive.
isn’t nino great when he plays the piano and does his solos? ahhhhh… daisuki nino! omae no uta wa ureshiku naru!!!! :) I’m so happy you included his video, hontou ni arigatou kat XDDD!!!

29 05 2008

I guess he speaks better english… and Sho is my second best, XDD!!! (I can’t take Matsujun out just because he is not as good singing as Sho… >_< he is my Jun!!!!)

Love Sho when he raps!!! “_”

2 06 2008
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