[KEYholeTV] – real-time japanese broadcasts

10 06 2008

I think I’m going to cry… I have discovered [KEYholeTV] only too late it seems… arienai!!!

well, some of you may be thinking “what’s she talking about? what’s she falling all over for?” – that’s because you still don’t know what a treasure [KEYholeTV] can be for us crazy-about-japan people! this software is a P2P that allows you to watch real-time broadcasts from several japanese mayor channels. the best of all? it’s FREE!!!

apparently, japan’s ministry of internal affairs wanted to test P2P technology and thus came up with this. ideal for those who – like me – are studying japanese (this goes for you, akiko-chan) this program proves really useful, it allows you to listen to an ample register of spoken japanese and gives you an insight to their culture.

big words aside, with [KEYholeTV] you could also watch those silly japanese-style programs that are no longer available in youtube or [crunchyroll] due to tokyo broadcasting system removal requests!!! yeepee!!! if I could watch ARASHInoSHUKUDAIkun everyday… shiawaseni nattara…

the selection of channels is limited, but decent enough: TBS, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi and Fuji TV. there is also another program called [KEYholeVIDEO] that allows you to stream your own videos. for more information about the software and how-to’s I found a very good post in [xorsyst].

there is an official page to both programs, where you can download them easily even though it’s in japanese. last version available for windows2000, XP and vista as well as windowsMOBILE. and no, there is no version for mac… *sobbing uncontrollably*

what are we mac-users going to do???? kyoretsu!!

now you know why I wanted to cry… akiko-chan, download it for me and watch as many things as you can!!!




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18 06 2008


It’s great, the other day I found the channel Ntv, where News Zero and Arashi no Shukudai is aired, XDD!!! And saw some of the Gokusen characters… (that’s how I know it was the channel, and because it was written in romanji, :P)

Now I need to know when News Zero is programed, I know it’s every monday, but I don’t really know the hour or the time difference…

Arigatou Nana-Chan!!!

19 06 2008

so great! I’m sure you’ll find news zero airing times around the web. time difference with spain is +8h (our time+8h). you do the maths!


15 03 2009

Now there is a mac version \o/

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