[kotobaYORItaisetsuneMONO] – aRaShI

10 06 2008

I finished watching [standUP!!] – up-coming post on this dorama, promise – a while ago, but just recently learned that the theme song was [aRaShI]’s. since I intend on translating it soon I’m posting the music video first for those who have never heard of it. I must say the idea of reproducing the series opening so faithfully but with the group members was really surprising. :3

while you patiently wait for the dorama post, enjoy this video:




4 responses

15 06 2008

I love this song… and Sho is so cute, :3
And love the drama, XDD!!!

Now I understand about YamaPi, allthought I prefer Sho… When you left the other day we talked about our perfect Harem during coffee break, when we see you again we’ll let you introduce some more names, :P

See you wednesday!! Chuuuu.

16 06 2008

harem… humm… sounds good. zannen, I missed it! did you go to tokyo-ya? find anything interesting?
talkin’ ’bout sho-chan, I downloaded “hachimizu to clover” the movie and watched it the other day. unfortunately it was subbed in portuguese… can’t say I liked the cast since I am more of a fan of the dorama – but sho-chan is as cute as always.

18 06 2008

I started today with Honey and Clover… Toma is just lovable!!! And there’s also the actor from Stan Up!

Sho-Kun is cute always… I want to see the movie just to see him act…

We couldn’t find Tokyo-ya, T_T. We even called information but nothing, the direction they told us was deserted, no asian food shop nearby…

19 06 2008

zannen da ne…

ikuta toma is so much better than sho-kun at playing takemoto – never thought I’d say this, yup. and narimiya hiroki (udayan in stand up!) is also really cute. he has a good roll as morita-san in h&c, I’m glad for him :)

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