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22 06 2008

a bit late, but better than nothing… by now kat XDDD already finished watching it and my intention was to introduce it to her this way… zannen ne?

I was a bit apprehensive when I first read the synopsis: “four 17-year-old boys find themselves the last virgins at school”.  I thought “there you go… can’t japanese stay away from stereotypes? WTF!”

so I was really surprised to discover a very intimate and moving series – a tale of daily life in an outskirts’ neighborhood (togoshi, in shinagawa district), four boys discovering sex with the clumsiness that characterizes teenager boys. extremely funny and touching, the characters are all enthralling – parents and children alike. all in all, you spend a very good time watching the 11 episodes – hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


asai shouhei [shou-chan]

the protagonist and narrator all-through the dorama, he is the sort of nice-sweet person that everybody takes advantage of and no girl sees like a man. he is perfectly aware of this and says so himself when introducing the rest. he has a secret crush on his teacher – who is very much oblivious to this at first. of course, shou-chan is himself pretty thick when it comes to the person who has a crush on him – even if she is very close to him. played by aRaShI’s [ninomiya kazunari], he is just lovable!

iwasaki kengo [kenken]

[yamapi] at the tender age of, what, 18? – he’s soooo skinny… anyway, kenken is the cute, attractive type. he even has a girlfriend, who is obsessed with her entrance exams and the topic of trains… since she is very strict and he is a little stupid, kenken remains so far a virgin.

udagawa hayato [udayan]

a real pervert as a kid udayan kept asking the girls to show him their underwear until the girls grew up and started kicking his ass… a scaredy-cat now, he sweats and cowers at the sight of those girls, but doesn’t miss an opportunity to see their panties. only [narimiya hiroki] could have acted this out! – you can also see him in [gokusen] and the dorama version of [honey and clover] as morita-san. I read somewhere that you can always recognise him for his unique mile and it’s true, no matter how much he changes over the years his smile remains the same. :3

enami kouji [kou-kun]

the soccer team captain, it is a mystery why he remains a virgin. well, maybe not such a big mystery after all… kou-kun’s problem with girls is he can’t help acting like a downright show-off in front of them and he always fucks things up. also, he sleeps with his eyes open – very cute scene in last episode! – but otherwise he should be a heart-breaker. played by [oguri shun] – the only regrettable thing is his dyed hair…

oowada chie [chie-chan]

a childhood friend of our golden quartet, chie comes back for the summer to visit her old mates. the problem is, they haven’t seen each other in ten years and the princess they all remember hasn’t grown up to be the woman they expected. engrossed in their own problems, they will barely notice her at first, but she is intent in making up for the lost time. [suzuki an] acts as chie-chan.

here Ieave some funny scenes:

this one is “making out lessons”, kou-kun instructs udayan and kenken in the ways of touching women… LOL

this is a great mv I stumbled upon accidentally. all credits to titou_cpilb who edited it. warning, slight spoilers at the end!

download the whole dorama @ [d-addicts]. you can find it subbed both in english and spanish. :)




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23 06 2008

It’s a great Dorama!!!! At first when you told me about the sinopsis I was a bit like “What?” but I really enjoyed watching it, XDD!!!

Sorry to have ruined your first idea… Since I’m on vacation there aren’t too much things for me to do…

Domo arigatou Nana-chan!!!

24 06 2008

I think I’m going to watch it again along with hanakimi.

6 09 2008

(konitchwa)hi lam verey happy and iam verey Love dramas of japan .arigato gusaimos.

6 09 2008

hi konitchwa iam very love japan and my hero is yuu shirota thank ilove drama stand up

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