My possible Casting for “mortal instruments” Films adapting Cassandra Clare’s books

26 06 2008

Ohayou!!!! I wanted to post this because there’s a conversation (In a google group about the books) about possible actors for the adaptation of M.I. Trilogy and I had some in mind myself, so…  Also because of the soon-to-be Twilight Movie.

So, if the film were to be made I would like to see these actors in the big screen:

Clary: Amy Davidson, I think this girl is really close to the idea I have of  Clary, she is small, and has that boyish feeling as well, and the gorgeous red hair.

Jace: What can I say about Alex Pettyfer. He is just perfect, since I saw the film “Alex Ridder: Stormbreaker”  I knew HE had to be Jace. It’s not only the body or the face, he is also capable of doing the fighting scenes so he actually has everything it’s required to be Jace.He is a great actor and would make all the female and male readers happy with his portrayal of Jace, no doubt.

Simon: Raviv (Ricky) Ullman, he has something very important in common with the character, since he is  jewish too and has the humor needed to make a great Simon. If he puts on some glasses and a nerdy hairdo you’ll have the perfect Simon. Also I would love to see him with some of Simon’s stuff, such as the “Still not King” badges or reading comic books (graphic novels if you please).

Isabel: Well I’m not quite sure with this one, but I think Zooey Deschanel could make a great Isabel. She has that angelical look about her, but also a dark side that suits perfectly with Isabel’s character. She is really pretty, has some amazing blue eyes and could perfectly bring to life the Shadowhunters fights. she is tall, thin and gorgeous with anything she wears, just like Isabel actually.

Alec: Ben Barnes, although this one is not my final choice. I still have to find the perfect ONE.Till then try to picture him with blue eyes…

Magnus: Magnus had to be asian, or with asiatic appearance, so I thought of a japanese actor, Tetsuji Tamayama, I found him thanks to an adaptation of a manga book, “Nana” where he played the part of Takumi, the one I thought best for playing Magnus, so If they chose him so would I. He has the necessary  appeal and the perfect appearance to be Magnus.

This Is the manga version of Takumi, It’s just how I saw Magnus while reading.

Jocelin: Kate Walsh, maybe she is not perfect for it, but I find her suitable. I didn’t quite like Julliane Moore or Gillian Anderson so…

Luke: Tom Lenk,I found him thanks to the group discussion and just thought he was perfect for the part. He has this lovely face, and you have the constant need of hugging him, so HE is the perfect Luke.

Hodge: For Hodge I thought of Liam Neeson, he is a great actor, and has the look of a good person. With all his acting skills I really think him best for the role.

Valentine: For many, many reasons I’ve chosen Ralph Fiennes for the part. He is perfect in every single way, so he would be just perfect as Valentine. Just picture him with white-blond hair.

Maia: She appears first in the second book but I wanted to show the actress I found for playing her:,Jurnee Smollett.

That’s all for now, I will still be searching for a better Alec and a better Clary, if I can.  Please If you haven’t read the books yet, run to the stores and buy City of Bones (I also recommend that you purchase City of Ashes aswell, XDD!!!) they are great books. I’m waiting for the last one to be released, but I’ll have to wait till March ’09 T_T.




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12 08 2008

hay i love most of your casting all the ones that u dident think wher to good i agreed all the ones that you that wher good i loved.

the peple that u thot wher good i think that u are doing a grate gob on chowing carters for the move keep it up i hop u mack this move tes peple are amazeing i love them all…………..

well most of them iny way but i agree with ever word u sead 100%

6 01 2009

This is the first list like this that I’ve actually agreed with! I love your Jace, Simon, and especially Magnus–with the makeup and glittery hair, he could be perfect! And I also agree that Ralph Fiennes would be a perfect Valentine, but perhaps that’s too much like him playing Voldemort all over again?

6 01 2009

yeah Ralph Fiennes would probably be Voldemort all the way… but he is a great actor and the character of the books is strong enought to not be a second Voldemort… or so I think, XD!!

I’m glad you liked the list >_<!!

16 04 2009

Pretty good, but I really think that for Isabelle.. Megan Fox would be a good fit.

21 04 2009
Maroon Actress

I think this would be a PERFECT Isabel!!!! I found the pic really randomly, with no name attached. Anyone recognize it?

The eye color and text are Photoshopped in, I think.

13 05 2009
Emilie Jepsen

Dos it come at movie now? The Mortal Instruments?

20 05 2009

maia is Hispanic people even the Arthur said so

21 12 2010

No, she said she is biracial. With Coffee skin. She’s obviously mixed.

28 05 2009

GO LIAM GO LIAM GO LIAM GO LIAM!!! me likey liam. he’s a BEAST!!!

31 05 2009

i LOVE Alex Pettyfer, he is the perfect actor for it. But i don’t know about Amy davidson.? she doesn’t seen to have that “clary” feel to her. OH, and Tetsuji Tamayama … ? Magnus Bane … ? NO WAY!!! picture this,.. [{Chris Angel, long leather coat, black, sparkely, spiked hair and blue flames coming out of his fingers… :) PLUS, all those tats!}] YUMMMMM!!!!!! i think cassandra should reconsider her pick for Magnus Bane.!

18 06 2009

I think your Jace is perfect (as do most people), but for Clary I really really think that Molly Quinn from Castle would be amazing. She’s turning 16 this year, is 5’3 or something like that and she’s great with the sarcasm. For luke, I think either Scott Patterson or Ewan McGregor. Ralph Fiennes would be awesome, but so would Viggo Mortenson.

22 06 2009

Bill Kaulitz for Magnus..

Gotta happen.

4 07 2009

Hmmm…I like Jace, and… i guess Simon… but Ricky Ullman is kind of short… i imagined Simon to be kinda tall and lean. Bill Kaulitz… yes, Magnus… it does have to happen… sorry, but he is PERFECT… and i like the idea of Ralph Fines being Valentine… but it he is voldemort too… idk, it just seems like it would throw off the character… for maia, she needs to be curvy-ish… and clary… i like emma roberts for the part.. but im not a fan of her acting. Bill Nighy as hodge… thats a good match too.

4 07 2009

I agree with Amy Davidson as Clary, as soon as I saw posts about who people would want to play the characters I thought of her.
For Jace though, I think they should use a less-recognised actor, it always makes it seem more real that way (plus, Kyle Gallner + Jace = love).
And I always thought Danny Huston as Valentine (he played Marlow in 30 Days of Night, and was very good at being an evil monster).

11 07 2009

i do not like clary as amy davidson. she is too old in my opinion. clary is supposed to be 15, not 29??
i dont like it,.

alex pettyfer is an f-ing god.!!!!
hes gorgerou!!!!!!!!!!

20 07 2009

pretty sweet. As much as I like Ricky, I imagine Simon as Jack Carpenter. He played Lenny in Sydney White

29 07 2009
astro . suit

Clary – Amy Davidson is who i was imagining the whole entire time, short, red hair, just aswome — but she’s kinda old so Molly Quinn =)

Simon – Michael Seater (from blake holsy high and life with Derrick .. just dye his hair and perfect )

Jace – Um… I can’t really think of a blonde head actor, with kinda long hair BUT Alex Pettyfer .

Valentine – Eric Roberts . ( he did a good job being the calm cool and collected bad guy in Dark Knight as Sal Moroni .)

Jocelyn – Judith Hoag ( Halloween town, she was the mom . and she was in ninja turtles movie) But I like Kate Walsh

Luke – Glenn Reichle ( i think he played james bond..)

Isabelle – Zooey Deschanel

Magnus Bane – Joseph Gordon-Levitt .. he looks kinda asian and i think it’d be kinda perfect !!

Alec – Ben Barnes .. sexy !

Maia – i honestly do not know … if there was someone out there that looks like Adrinne Bailon when she was younger , thatd be perfect !!

Hodge – John Ralston

29 07 2009
astro . suit

.. or maybe Natalie Kelley for Maia.. h

13 08 2009

I love all your choices except from Clary. I think shes too old and not as pretty as u imagined Clary being. I think Daniel Craig would make a good Valentine aqnd Ewan Mcgregor might make a good Luke. Are they actually making the books into a film? Cause i sooooooo hope they are, theuy are amazing!!!

16 08 2009

Great choices.

16 08 2009

Maybe Amy Adams could play Clary’s Mom, Idk.

20 10 2009

WOW. i absolutely LOVE your Jace casting, i seriously hope it’s HIM! (:
and i pictured maia as that person, too. (:

16 12 2009

I have to say I love the books.. and cant wait for the movie. Although im sure it will no be near as good as the books. I think Stacey Farber would make a great Clary.

11 01 2010
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21 02 2010

pliz let Bill Kaulitz act as magnus b cuz he is perfect for the job!

5 04 2010

Omg I love that she thinks alex pettyfer should be jace he has everything it says in da book and he iz really hot

10 06 2010

Ohmigosh i absolutly loved these books! They were amazing! If they dont use alex pettyfer as jace i am going to die! The description of jace was exactly like him and everyione in the world wants it to be him. Theres a contest o youtube of peole you think would be good for the roles. if you wanna heres my vid link:

2 10 2010

hey, just wondering, why is it that a lot of people though magnus would be asian? just a question..
I thought he’d be a hot red head

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