[日本に着いた!!- nihon ni tsuita!!!!]

2 07 2008

みんなさん 今晩は!日本でもう夕べです。

ok… where to begin? I’ll skip all the stuff about how long and boring the whole flight thing was and how uncomfortable all airplanes are.

the thing is I’m here! it took me about an hour and a half to get to 大崎駅 (おおさきえき), carrying a suitcase that weighted more than me, my big, heavy camera and a handbag with my laptop… my back and arms still hurt from that and I think I’ve got whiplash – though it probably has more to do with spending 11 hours on a plane…

Jen came to meet me at the station. she is french and a great fan of 嵐!yay!!! she is actually sort of crazy about aiba-chan. when I asked her which 嵐 member she liked best she took off her jacket and showed me her back. this is what I saw:

 just for the record, what’s written on the t-shirt is this: “if you see this person, tell him Jen loves him.” she actually sent him a letter telling him to marry him and he read it in a radio program and replied!!! here’s the mediafire link to the archive. you don’t need to understand japanese to get the meaning actually, but I’ll try to post a briefing some other day. 


here’s the front side of the t-shirt -just in case you were wondering. and the girl inside the t-shirt is masaki-chan’s bride-to-be, Jen.

the front reads: “雅紀-ちゃん, YOU 結婚してください!(masaki-chan, YOU marry me! – 大野’s (おおの)phrase when they make them propose at 嵐の宿題くん (あらしのしゅくだいくん)) 

so you get the picture, right?

my house is in 西品川 にししながわ) - I’m not living at 戸越 (とごし) anymore, ざんねんだね。sorry about that alex, I’ll try to look for the temple though. I’m currently sleeping in the living-room, but it’s better than going to the guest house for 8 days and then back here. and it’s closer to 大崎駅 (おおさきえき)and 山の手 (やまのて)line, wee!!! I got my スイカ カード with 定期 (ていき) – commuting suica card. all thanks to ミキーさん who was very kind and filled in all the forms for me :). alright,  this is my house from the outside:


I’d like to make this first post longer because I haven’t even introduced korin yet, but it’s 1:40 in the morning and I’ve got class tomorrow、so I’m leaving it here.

I’ll attach these photos specially for you, alex, though I hope 明子ーちゃん appreciates them too. they were taken at 新宿駅 (shinjuku station) and are part of a cellphone campaign. enjoy! 楽しんで来って!





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2 07 2008

Me encantaaaaaa!!!! Sabía que Aiba (siempre pienso “Yaiba”)tenía su público. Yo también lo prefiero, de hecho, después de Sho. Jajajaja!!! Me encanta lo que estará pensando Álex: “joder, con lo feo que es Aiba, si tiene cara de mono!!”.
Nana-chan, tú sigue contándonos!!

2 07 2008


Waaaaaa!!!! q envidia! T_T ademas hoy un compañero de trabajo me ha dicho que él se va 15 días a japón con unos amigos en agosto… Me alegro que te lo estes pasando bien, XDD!!! Me encantan las fotos, >_< tu con tu Nino… (Jun es MUY GUAPO!!!! y Aiba… bueno digamos que es gracioso, :P)

(No me entero de lo que escribes en japo… pero ya llegará el día, alguna cosa me la imagino como lo de togoshi… no??)

Sigue contandonos cosas cuando tengas tiempo, se te echa de menos. Chuuuuuu!!!!

2 07 2008

os echo de menos!!!!!!!
no le dire a jen lo que pensais del pobre aiba; no se toca a su masaki-chan.
no te preocupes por lo del japo. a partir de ahora pondre hiragana entre parentesis y que akiko-chan te lo lea!
la mayoria son nombres de lugares.


3 07 2008

Domo arigatou Nana!!!

Hey! Jen has a tattoo like my sisters (Oni)!! Jen’s is better though, XD!!! I finally started work on tuesday… I’m sleepy all the time because of the medication to survive all day, but I’m going to work till the end of July and then I have three weeks to relax and try to get well. I’m saving money to see if I can go visit, I would love to go there and visit you, XD!! (My parents probably would kill me if I do with only two or three days notice but… Hey these things you have to take, no???

Now I’m working on an exposition about comics and the diferent kinds of drawings… so I have a part of Japan with me at work, XDD!! It’s like being there with you… while you get to meet gorgeus looking men I get to see some not-that-well drawn manga, >_<!!!

Love you!!!

(You have to give me your Skype username so I can search for you, ok??)


3 07 2008

As I cannot talk about that J-pop group (LOOOL) I ask you more pics from the city, streets, your house, etc etc….LOOOOL

(Cada loco con su tema) xDDDDD

4 07 2008

waaa… shigoto wa taihen dasou ne? – looks like work is hard on you, I’m sorry. I won’t be able to work here, so I’ll have to cut down on my expenses…
I’d love it if you could make it and come here, but don’t get into trouble with your parents, ok?

my city photos are quite shitty right now… I’m out of practice I guess. but I’ll try my best!!!!

10 02 2011

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