4 07 2008

I’m afraid this will become a new cathegory with 日本 as parent directory… I’m basically following kat’s instructions and taking photos of every ad where 嵐 or other celebrities star in. this is what I’ve found so far:

小栗旬 in a 自動販売機 (vending machine)

松潤 and pepsi

松潤 au CM big version at shibuya’s hachiko exit

松山ケンイチ (L in deathnote) for docomo group

山P’s new dorama ”code blue”

and last the AU CM’s that I posted previously, but this time pics were taken with my camera:






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4 07 2008


Onigiri!!!! Yamapi!!!!! Jun!!!! Sho!!!!! Aiba!!!!! Nino!!!!! Ohno!!!!


(Today I’m watching Letters from Iwo-Jima, just to see your Nino, >_<)

Domo Arigatou Nana-Chan!!!! (I loved the pictures you send to my e-mail)

4 07 2008

どういたしまして! you’re welcome. I will take better ones today, though I still hope I find a way to scan them. I want to see “letters from iwo jima” too!!! I started downloading it at homa but here my laptop is not collaborating much and gives me a lot of problems when I try to connect to the internet… I’ve herad it’s a great movie, enjoy it for me!

4 07 2008

The movie is perfect, XDD!!!

When you see it you are going to enjoy it a lot!!! (Nino is like an adult here, he also looks older and everything, he’s great, he doesn’t have that Idol look on him and it really suits him) I’m sure you would love it, and it’s in japanesse so we don’t have to hear Nino-san’s voice “doblada”. It’s PERFECT, well it’s Clint Eastwood so it’s not a big surprise.

Nino is the main character so you enjoy the 2 and a half hours every minute he is on screen, and when he is not on a scene then you get to see Ken Watanabe so… *_*

3 08 2008

Thank you

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