funny vids [日本の形&ラーメンズ]

7 07 2008

I thought I’d share some videos miki showed us yesterday. the first two are done by the same japanese comedians – at least I think so. the first is part of the 日本の形 series (that’s “japan’s tradition”); in my opinion the “sushi” episode is the best by far, but check out others like “onigiri”, you’ll have fun. they are a satire of how western countries see japan; they use the most common stereotypes and shape them into a serious documentary that in truth is no more than a bunch of jokes. if you are not very familiar with japanese culture you may not find it so funny, but some things are pretty evident – sushi restaurants don’t actually have free salt at the exit in case the soy sauce wasn’t salty enough for you and sushi is not made from weird endangered species!

the second is sort of the opposite: how japanese people see western cultures. I posted the italian version because it’s the most obvious – well, actually no, the most obvious is the american one… I’m going to search for it and add it after the italian one. mostly they repeat japanese words with weird accents… but it’s fun, I sort of liked it. :9

sushi episode.

the japanese idea of what italians are like

ok, american version.

the next one is not so much funny as it is cute. kittens getting into nabe (clay pots) to take a nap.

ねこ鍋の作り方 or how to make nabe with cats.

and this one is for you, alex, I know you will appreciate it and laugh as much as I did. go enjoy!

aiba is stupid?





One response

7 07 2008

Yes Aiba is stupid, XDD LOL!!!

I had allready seen that video, I couldn’t stop laughing, >.<!!

I love the Nabe cats… Kawaiiii!!!

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