11 07 2008

I’d been looking forward to this for over a week and finally I managed to see [コードブルー] and [maou]. the first one is on  on thursdays at 10pm on fujiTV. [maou] is broadcasted by TBS and is on friday nights at the same hour as [コードブルー].

after seeing both my conclusion is… that  is kinda boring actually. I don't know, maybe not understanding a thing has something to do with my being bored to death. imagine watching [grey's anatomy] in japanese, ok? if medical technical words are hard to understand in english, where you can at least rely on them having a latin root, there's no way I would get the meaning in japanese! also, yamapi plays cool-blankfaced-hotty again and I hate it when they give him such roles - even though I have to admit that he looks great with the new hairstyle. I don't think I'm staying up late again - not even to see yamapi... but I leave you the ending here to watch - it's better than the opening and the song is [hanabi] from [mr.children]. next is a news advance of the series. you can already download the first episode here - still no english subs, sorry. if you find it anywhere, please tell me. :)

on the other hand, [maou] is much more promising. even though I understood about 20% of what they were actually saying it is much easier to get the general idea. [maou] is a suspense and detective dorama featuring [oono satoshi] and [ikuta toma]. I gather it's more or less the asian version of [sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street]; only this time the barber is a lawyer who suffered a family tragedy in the past - from what I understood having missed the first episode, his baby brother was murdered and his mother died soon after from the pain of loosing her younger son - so he becomes a double-faced demon searching for revenge on his relatives' deaths. on the other end we find this young detective with an obscure past - don't know what he did exactly, as I said I've missed the first ep - who chases after this mysterious serial killer and his enigmatic messages in the form of tarot cards.

[ikuta toma] is gorgeous in this dorama; the styling, the characterization... everything suits him perfectly. and finally they have left his hair-colour untouched! no more ridiculous dyes for him! hurray! (sorry nakatsu)

oochan looks great too - it's strange to see him play evil gone-nuts serial killer, but it's nice for a change. he has always been the nice, quiet type, never drawing attention to himself in 嵐 and now that he is given his first major role in a dorama he is the main character - and what a main character! all in all what I liked most is that they finally look like the adults they are - [toma] must be 23 now and [oono] is 28; I never saw the point of forcing them to play high-school kids way past their 20's.

so friday night is [maou] night for me from now on! the opening song is 嵐's [truth], from the new album due next year and it's not their style at all - which means I like it even better. here's the opening and a CM.

first episode's unsubbed torrent to be found here. the thing I regret most about having missed that ep is that the special guest was [nino]...




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11 07 2008

Yeah the guest was Nino, but I’ve heard you only saw him like 10 seconds on screen, so it’s not such a great loss after all, XDD!! I want to see more of Toma!!!! He’s perfect now, Nakatsu was great but the hair held me a bit back to be fair. He’s much much better this way, and I started to love Oh-Chan so much… He’s lovely in many ways, >.<!!

Just finished reading Twilight… I wan’t an Edawrd Cullen for myself… T_T (I’ll finish reading the second in no time i’m sure, another two days or so, and I bought the last one Eclipse just in cas I coudn’t stand waiting…

I miss you so much!!!! (I love the Kodamas!!!! XDDD!!!)

11 07 2008

Yeah, Truth is really their usual type of song, ne? I’m so excited about how the PV will look like~~

11 07 2008

i mean, not their usual type..XD

12 07 2008

sorry to disappoint you kat, but in the second book edward dissapears from the 3rd or 4rth chapter until… well I don’t know, I never finished it. but you’re right, we’d all like an edward cullen in our lives. have you checked the cast for the film? the actor playing edward also appeared in harry potter IV as cedric. I don’t think he is the best option, but well… james was a perfect choice though!

ps: me too looks forward to truth PV! :9

12 07 2008

Actually I just got to his disappearence… (I know I’m going to regret this but I actually cried after seeing the pages of NOVEMBER, DICEMBER, JANUARY… It hit me T_T)

I’m going to the hairdresser today and I’m not going to stop reading until he appears again… I saw the cast briefly but I agree with you hi is not Edward… I’ll search the internet for MY Edward or at list the way I imagine him…

In Non-no agoust magazine there are some great pictures of Jun too… (He’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sexy… aiihhhnnnsssss) I also want to see the PV, >.<!!!

Thanks for Toma’s and Matsujun’s photos…

12 07 2008

I found something for you…


Thats the link for Maou’s fist episode with soft english subs, XDD!!!

Try to be quick I don’t know if it would be up long.


13 07 2008

waaa! why crunchyroll! it doesn’t work in either of miki’s computers!!! *crying*

13 07 2008

I’m so sorry… I saw it yesterday and I know now why Ohno is after Toma, XDDD!!! I like the dorama, and Nino is there like 15 seconds, but its an intense moment. (They are so close in one moment you think they are going to kiss, OhMiya!!!!)


13 07 2008

Don’t bother trying… they have already erased it from the web-page… I guess I was very lucky to be able to see it with subtitles, XDDD!!!


13 07 2008

was it toma who killed oh-chan’s younger brother? there is a scene in the second episode where you see a flashback of toma as a teenager – at least I think it’s him – and he stabs a kid.
I saw the ohmiya moment! nino grabs him by the shirt and lifts him up! but I don’t know why… does nino get killed by oh-chan?
did you at least download the video from crunchyroll???? please tell me you DID! I cannot download anything here cause my mac does not connect to miki’s wifi… ;_;

13 07 2008

I couldn’t download the video its been like a month or so that my real player downloader doesn’t work.

Yes Ikuta Toma is the one that stabed Oh-Chan’s bother so he is after him and after everyone that helped him.

Nino is the kid of the first one he kills, he tells him that he knows it was him that conspired to kill his father. Actually he is really cute in the scene, both of them.

Sorry about the video… I also wanted to have it but i’m not able to make it work.

P.D.: I saw today the film “August Rush” the one with keri russell, the kid from charlie and the chocolat factory and Jonathan Rhys Meyers… I loved it!!!! You have to see it…

And I’ve been thinking that Jonathan Rhys Meyers would have made a much better Edward for Twilight… or maybe a mixture betwen the actor playing Edward and him… Just a thought, XDD!!!


P.D.: I’m sorry your conection doesn’t work T_T

20 07 2008

Ya está el segundo de Maou subtitulado, xDDD!!!!

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