[neko card-holder&puchi-puchi edamame]

12 07 2008

I took fiona on a tour today to 原宿. and we ended up in kiddyland.this time I did spend some money… I couldn’t help it with so many cute things around! I also filmed a little bit around 竹下通り but I still have to render it and my camera is charging its batteries now.

I had been looking for a card-holder for some time now to put my [suica] commuting pass in. [suica] and [pasmo]are more or less the same, but the first one works for JR (japan railways) and the other is for tokyometro (subway). they are also valid for all bus lines within tokyo. the thing about [suica] and [pasmo] is you can easily combine it with a fixed-itinerary commuting pass or 定期. you set you daily itinerary and then you can use the card without extra charges within the fixed route. its main appeal (at least to me) is that you don’t have to buy daily tickets and look for the changes in fares depending on the station you want to go to – believe me, you can spend hours checking the railway maps to see how much the trip costs. moreover, [suica] and [pasmo]cards can be charged with up to 20000¥ in case you want to leave your fixed route and not think about the extra fee. in tokyo, if you buy a ticket for station A and then end up going any further (let’s say to station B), in order to get out from stB you have to buy another ticket that supplies the fare difference. this is not extremely complicated, but it’s a pain in the ass. that’s why I like [suica]. on top of that, some establishments and vending machines will allow you to pay with those cards – this comes in handy when you run out of coins or cash :)

this is my new neko card-holder with lots of stuff hanging from it. only the small blue fish came with it originally. I still have to by a chain for it because I don’t like the feeble look of that cord. the other is my cellphone – yeee, finally got one! – with some nino and jun photos.

and this is my [suica] pass.

and the coolest thing! edamame to squash! puchi-puchi! releases a lot of stress. :9

you’ve got another thing from the same creators that emulates the famous plastic bubbles we all like to burst when we were kids; it’s actually called [puchi-puchi] :

and this is a [bento] bag from monokuro boo. for those who don’t know, bento boxes are special containers for your daily lunch. they are very practical and japanese use them a lot. recently they have become just plastic boxes with different designs, but you can also get the lacquered-wood original thing.

update on toilets:

japan never ceases to amaze me. the other day in some public toilets… when I approached the toilet, sounds of water springs and the chant of birds started on their own!!! they didn’t stop until I left the cubicle… it felt so weird! ビックリした!

oh! and I just thought that maybe some proof that I’m still alive – and have not been supplanted by someone weird enough to take all the trouble of writing in another’s blog – would be nice. so:




5 responses

12 07 2008

I saw the Edamames before, XDD!!! They are soooo cute, >.<!!!

So YOU also have Jun’s pictures huh???? I already said it but you look relly nice with the hood on, XDDD!!

12 07 2008

sorry for the spelling I think my head doesn’t want to work properly.


P.D.: Don’t forget us!!!!

13 07 2008

joder adri.. no me entero de nada!!! jaja ni siquiera sé donde te puedo escribir.. que desastre!!! juasjuas!! pero vamos que estas de lo mas linda con esa capuchita sexy,…..ten cuidadoooooooooo (pero poco :P:P)

a por toda adrixuuuuuuuu
jiji besitos

14 07 2008

I love your new cat ears!! You look soooo cuuute!! And the other day, in the news, I saw the puchi-puchi thing!!! So it’s real (and weird)!!

Nana, how’s the weather? Incredibly hot? It’s true that the humidity is huge???
Just keep on telling us your things!!
(I am still wild about the japanese toilets).
Super chuuu!!!

14 07 2008

the air weights a ton and you feel sticky all day. luckily there is air conditioning everywhere you go. even at home each room has its own. these past days have been bearable because it gets cloudy from time to time and it has rained – which is only good while it’s happening, afterwards it only adds up to the pre-existing humidity… I miss you girls!!!


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