23 07 2008

quick post about [treasure island] for ARASHI fans. most of you probably already know the site, but for us newbies it’s paradise come to earth. a visitor kindly shared the info with me a while ago, but I just forgot about it… until yesterday I started downloading videos again. :3

what can you find in [arashianFILES]? well, vitualy anything: mp3 albums, singles, other songs, complete collection of all ARASHI TVshows old and new, TVshows they went to as guests, PVs, CMs… everything that had ever to do with ARASHI. also, it’s very convenient for people who don’t use [veoh], [realPLAYER download-manager] and the like, because it’s all dd – mostly megaupload, mediafire, rapidshare and others. mind you, some links are broken – the webmaster asks for help in this matter by reporting them, please give her a hand if you have time :)

but anyway, mostly all MU links work -though you are not a premium user you have to wait until the first download ends to begin a new one -, MF works well too.

and now an ARASHIthemed blog: [WINKYchan’s lost on the web]

remember, kat, that ARASHI banner we liked so much? the one with all members jumping? that’s it. as it happens… it is jen’s friend’s livejournal!!!! you can even find jen’s name mentioned in some posts… I’m still shocked by these coincidences.

apart from being a pretty interesting blog to read, you will find loads of great stuff, like music sheets of some of ARASHI’s songs, doujinshi – yes, there is ARASHI doujinshi too -, photos… well, you just see. kyaa~~!

that’s all for now, just wanted to share!




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23 07 2008


I Wish I could go over there this year… I will defenetly go next year, and if we can go to a house instead of a hotel, ’cause I want to go for a whole month, and I don’t mind what my parents say!!!!

Already reading chapter 9 from Eclipse, XDDD!!!! Soooooo gooooodddd!!!!!

I want to see the film!!!! we have to go in december to see it in V.O.!!!!!

23 07 2008

*.*!!! I love the video of “Fight Song”!!!! It’s just great to see Sho-kun’s face… he is so Kawaiii!!!

And Jun is kakoi!!! (They left him on his own… T_T)

I also just saw Rock With Me… and I thought it would be soo much better that I kind off laught at Jun… Ç_Ç I’m soo ashamed… I’m soo sorry Jun-Kun but it wasn’t as good as I spected…

I really don’t hate you… I’m just too envious…

Love you!!!!


23 07 2008

Hi adiana i don’t have your mail so i lale you a comment.

How are you, and Miki and Brian?

Me i’m bored a little because i’m not with you anymore, but it’s ok because next year i’ll be back. I expect the same time as you and korin

enjoy yourself in japan for me


23 07 2008

hey jen!!!
I read your mail in miki’s computer. glad to know you’re fine!
don’t worry, I’ll try my best to make it for next year (july probably) and I hope there are still arashi’s concerts or I’ll die!!! I want to go to one at least!

kat, about jun’s “with me”, I think you’re right. he overdoes it a bit, don’t you think? but after you’ve seen it a couple of times – alterning with ohchan’s imitation – he ROCKS! I like it very much, even though it’s a very short song.

the comentaries he makes before are like: “ok, next is my solo, [… didn’t get this]. of course, laughing is out of the question. it’s a little bit sexual, so enjoy!”
hehe… don’t worry, we’ll enjoy it… :3

24 07 2008

XDDD I love him to much to laught again… And i’m pretty sure that if I watch it some more i’ll enjoy it, it’sjust that because of work I’m not that free.

Next year I’m going when you are going, I’m taking it as my “viaje final de carrera”, XDD!! And i’ll have the best guides >_<!! I’m glad you are fine, and I also hope there are still Arashi concerts or i’ll kill myself, :P (I NEED to go to one of their concerts at least)

Love the coment Jun makes before the song, thanx Nana-Chan!!!

24 07 2008

start thinking about july – august is too hot here, and besides, there wil probably be no arashi concerts after july. lets plan in advance!
sorry to hear you haven’t got much free time, but that means you are making MONEY!!!!! I will try to get a job in rome to pay for next summer’s stay. :3

24 07 2008

I’m not making much money… but I think maybe I’ll be able to earn some more money if I continue working with him during the semesters, XDD!!! And I hope my parents will help me with the money for the trip as I’m saying it’s my last year at college and I have to celebrate BIG!!! And that the plain tickets are too expensive for just staying two weeks, you have to make the most of it, >.<!!!


Is there any possibility for me and you to make us fans of them giving Miki’s adress??? That would be just great, ^_^!!!

I don’t mind the expenses for the packages… just to be able to have tickets for their concerts and all their stuff… (My mouth is watering…)


24 07 2008

don’t don’t worry about becoming a fan. if jen is here too there will be no problem, there is nothing she doesn’t know about arashi and that includes ways of getting cheap tickets (6000¥ more or less) :)

18 08 2008

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

25 08 2008

i like hero and truth songs….. that song’s awsome !!!!
especially HERO…. LOL to arashi

25 08 2008

junchaaaaaaaaa…n! gw suka banget ma acting loe !!!! jadi apa jugaoke banget…… too bad last princess gw lom nonton. hiks…. kapan tayang di Indonesia ????? jangan cuman mentok mpe singapore aja donkz…… kacian fans loe yang di indonesia kaya gw neh……
curhat jadinya….

25 08 2008

OHMIYA oke !!!
JUNTOSHI oke !!!
mau apa aja yang penting A R A S H I………………………………………………..!!!!

25 08 2008

Arashi…. you are my HERO
the TRUTH is I like you all
LOVE SO SWEET when i start like you
WISH you were here beside me
WE CAN MAKE IT TRUTH if we’re side byside
and you are my NIPPON SUNRISE
while watching SAKURA we drink SAKE
i don’t care if this is only “DAY A DREAM”

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