26 07 2008

I think if I don’t post these videos, I’ll die! you cannot find them in veoh or crunchyroll-like  sites anymore due to term violations. I tried uploading to youtube, but it’s no use… I’m posting a link to my MF archive and will try with dailymotion, see if the upload works. if so I’ll update this post and include the embeds.

it’s a song ohno and sho-kun composed just for fun and it’s called [oretachiNOsong] – literally “our song”. it’s hilarious!!! the dance in itself is already worth watching and then the parts where they address each other… oh, off scale! when ohno talks to sho he says something like “the first time I met you I already thought that you had a pretty big build (in a good sense). but now you have really become *muscle-man*, haven’t you? that time at the hotel, when you were lying in bed it looked like scene from an adult movie…” hahahaha!!!

then they start singing “satoshi to sho-chan, sho to satoshi-chan… satoshi-chan ga ichi nen dake no senpai!!!” (satoshi-chan is only older by one year, my senpai by one year) and the faces they make!!! >A<

you have to watch both versions!

first sho-kun’s: http://www.mediafire.com/?czxoynxjcyb

and now oh-chan’s: http://www.mediafire.com/?rmzo1ysrzeb

yeah! dailymotion worked!!! here are the videos:




6 responses

27 07 2008

They are just great!!! the other day I told Akiko-Chan we should make a video of us two dancing the way they do, it would be so much fun to watch, XDDD!!!

27 07 2008

hey! wait for me to come back and we can do the video together!!!

27 07 2008

that was the plan finally, XDD!!! We’ll wait for you to be ridiculous all of us together, >_<!!!

I love Sho’s and Ohno’s faces LOL

29 07 2008

waaaaa!!! they have taken over my blog T_T!!!!

Owww!!! I post allready Nino’s solos, XDD!!! take a look when you can, next will be Aiba’s and last Jun’s, >.<!!


I miss you!!

29 07 2008

yo, who is those man on video?

30 07 2008

hahaha!!! it’s arashi members ohno satoshi and sakurai sho. they are japanese idols and part of a really famous jpop group called “arashi” (storm). they composed this song just for fun, making it as ridiculous as possible on purpose. mission accomplished I’d say. :)

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