26 07 2008

why?!!!! why?!!!! I don’t want to be compatible with jun!!!!! arg!!! kat and akiko-chan are going to laugh their heads off! I think this is a sign, ’cause today I went to [harajuku] to show duncan around and I took my chances with this gashapon machines that have [aRaShI] stuff in them and I got jun 3 times out of 4!!!!

buuahhh!!! I wanted nino or sho-kun…

anyway, this post is also related to kat’s blog – check out their results there… *jealous*

Which member of Arashi are you most compatible with?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Matsumoto JunYou’re most compatible with MatsuJun! You are as human as can be and comfortable that way. MatsuJun seems to prefer someone who takes in everything around them and then seeks to take in more – with him, you get a sparring partner.

Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages – therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Matsumoto Jun
Ohno Satoshi
Sakurai Sho
Aiba Masaki
Ninomiya Kazunari




3 responses

26 07 2008

you got jun stuff???????? @_@… 3 of them???? XDDDD!!!! Can I have one!!! I’m sorry you scored Jun at the test… but maybe its a sign yeah, :P

I’ll make a link to youtr results, XDD!!! just so people can laught, :P

26 07 2008

thanks… I like people laughing at me…
las maquinitas esas expenden generalmente llaveritos con fotos de johnnys.
los compre pensando en vosotras, por supuesto que puedes quedarte con el que quieras! cuando vuelva elegis!


27 07 2008

TE QUIERO!! TE AMO!!! Kekkon Shiite Kudasai, XDDD!!!! (no se muy bien si la segunda palabra esta bien escrita pero bueno se entinde, no???

Ya sabes que te adoro incluso si no me traes cosas bonitas, >.<!!

Yo quiero una de esas maquinitas en españa!!!! mejor que las figurillas de Pokemon que tenemos nosotros…


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