[where is brian?part2]

30 07 2008

the first time I wrote about the [brian joke] I forgot to mention that we actually lived with brian! in fact, my host family was initially composed by miki – 料理神様 cooking goddess and the best person I’ve met in japan so far -, jen and korin who were also doing home-stay here at 大崎 house and whom you already now from previous posts, and… miki’s canadian boyfriend BRIAN! now you know why the stupid joke stuck…

so, where is brian? brian is back in canada… or on a bus on his way to his hometown. さびしいよ。。。we already miss you brian! who am I going to fight over kimchi with!! no more “you ate all the kimchi, brian! how are you going to make up for it now?!” or “miki! brian finished the two types of kimchi already and ate all the spicy chips you bought for us! I didn’t even get a chance to try them!”

we threw a small farewell party at [footNIKS], an english pub close to 大崎 station. neal – former roomate of brian and a real englishman – and his girlfriend were there, sabrina was there too – a girl from luxemburg that had been at miki’s home-staying before. she now lives on her own and works here, I’m sooo jealous! oh, and she speaks spanish! so I got to use my mother tongue at last! previous to that my longest conversation in spanish had consisted in telling one of my italian classmates the recipe of spanish omelet…

after the meal we went to a small karaoke in the area (same as that time with jen and korin). I discovered neal is the best person to go to karaoke with – sort of the opposite to brian (sorry brian, but it’s true). though he sort of ruined my song… I chose [gimmick game] – I was thrilled to find they already had it in such a small cheap place! – and then neal tried to sing along with me even though he could barely read the japanese lyrics and hadn’t the slightest idea of how the music went… I should probably mention that when neal starts singing, you can still hear him from the karaoke entrance, even with the doors closed… so, yeah, I didn’t really get to sing my song… next time I’ll knock neal out before my turn comes.

what else have I been doing lately? uhmmm…

oh! I went to tsutaya – equivalent of FNAC in japan – looking for [thePILLOWS]’s last album and while searching the jpop section stumbled upon… the johnny’s shelf! they do not mix with the rest of the jpop, that’s johnny’s for you…

I found [murakamiHARUKI] novels for 105¥ each, and hardback!!! in a second-hand bookstore, of course; but then, I always buy my books second-hand, so it doesn’t make a difference. the name of the store is [bookOFF], it’s a chain store with shops around all tokyo. this one was in 戸越銀座 (togoshi ginza), my neighbourhood. I guess the shinjuku one will have more things. can’t wait to got there!

we visited 浅草 (asakusa) briefly – basically we were joining brian and miki for dinner. the sensouji temple can be found there – after walking a never-ending street of souvenir shop after souvenir shop… asakusa is souvenir land for the average tourist visiting tokyo, there is nothing remotely traditional-looking that you cannot find there. I couldn’t get into the temple, ’cause it was already close, but I took some pics of the outside – I’ll update the post when they’re ready. the entrance is 雷門 (kaminari mon, or the lightning gate). [kaminari] is one of my favourite japanese words :) それで嬉しい!as an afterthought, apart from traditional souvenirs I found an idol shop with posters, photographs, uchiwa, member-cards and the like. yeah, this is japan…

today I skipped school because I was tired and meant to finish editing the fucking hanabi-day video! as it happens my computer decided to collapse while I was in the process of saving the project for the first time. I rebooted and of course lost all changes… I was so depressed that I started roaming the web for 嵐 videos – mainly to collaborate in kat’s post of 嵐 solos – when I found this thing about an ohno scandal. for what I gathered, one or two days ago a japanese tabloid published some compromising photos of oh-chan presumably high on pot, doing a threesome with some girls. this is supposed to have happened 3 years ago though. the pictures and details of the scandal can be found in many 嵐 related blogs and livejournals, these are the ones I checked:

[uwasakoLJ] article, details and pics.

[crunchyrollOHNOgroup] again more pics

[matsujunkie] theory about tampered photos. let’s blame photoshop!

[juntoshi] info on how to support oh-chan

the thing got out of hand in no time, with AU threatening to take down oh-chan’s part in the last CMs, talk about changing the olympics song (風の向うへ “kaze no muko e”, from 嵐) and so on… I really hope nothing bad comes out of this – other arashi members have had scandals before and they are still one of the most popular jpop groups in an out of japan. my personal view – as that of most fans – is that I don’t care what they do in their free time. they’re just boys and still young, so it doesn’t surprise me if they want to have fun. as I say, its their private life – and they don’t get much of that. but they should be careful not to take pictures with strangers that can later on use them against them… that’s common sense.




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30 07 2008

I really really hope it doesn’t affect the group… I don’t mind as you say what they do in their free time (little free time may I add) as long as they behave while they are working, no??? and it’s really suspicious that the pictures got out now and not in 2005 when they where made…

I still like Oh-Chan, I love how he moves and the way he sings, and thats all, :3!!!

30 07 2008

me too! I think as long as he keeps up with his carrer what he does in his “nearly-inexistent” free time is up to him. I really think he has a good voice (maybe the best in arashi, professionally speaking) and he ROCKS at dancing! he has never stood out much, while other member have had several scandals already.
but I guess this is how things work: some tabloid or other publishes some juicy rumours, the press goes crazy, the rest of the media goes crazy, you get bad and good reactions from private entities and loads of support from the fans; we all hold our breath for a couple o’ days and then everything is solved and in two weeks time nobody will talk about it. at least I hope so.
still, all my support for oh-chan!!! see you friday in 魔王!

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