31 07 2008

just as promised, [how’sITgoing?] concert solos are here! jun wears some weird all-black leather-plastic suit that reminds me both of [HG hoo] and cassandra clare‘s draco… it’s weird, somehow… can’t say it’s sexy though *confused*. and sho-kun’s is one of my favourites so far – it’s been already published in kat’s blog, but it felt awkward to chuck him out of the post just like that, so I kept him :3

oh-chan’s solo: so-so-so

sho-kun’s solo: touch me now

nino’s solo: yume

jun’s solo: don’t cry

aiba-chan’s solo: yokaze




4 responses

31 07 2008

You really thought about taking out Sho-kun??? It’s one of his best songs… probably because of how he was dressed @_@ but still!!!

I’m glad you put it on anyway, >.<!!!

I miss so much talking to you often T_T!!!

You start your hollydays tomorrow???

You are thinking about us, ne??


20 08 2008

Sorry but I just found this and I’m in shock…

Sakurai Sho: “He is fluent in English and speaks some Spanish. ” (HE SPEAKS SOME SPANISH!!!!!??????? O_O) If he does why don’t he come to Madrid T_T??

Still in Shock…

20 08 2008

he speaks some spanish????????!!!!!!!
*at a loss for words*

20 08 2008

I know!!!! I know!!! That happened to me when I found out!!! and if you still want to be speechless by Sho-Kun check my blog, I’ve posteda song enterly in english and he is not that bad, >.<!!!

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