2 08 2008

I don’t remember if I mentioned in my [yoyogiKOEN] post that apart from street bands you can find a re-enactment of pure 50’s rock’n’roll right at the park’s entrance. now, if you’re thinking “electric guitars” and the like you are much mistaken – it’s not music they’re out for, it’s dancing and putting on a good show. clad in worn jeans and black-leather, their hair sticking up in impossible toupees and their eyes hidden behind rayban-style sunglasses, they look like the real thing, taken straight from the past. though they are mainly men, girls with wide skirts and fuzzy ribbons holding their hair can also be seen dancing with their male counter-parts.

I took a lot of pictures, most of them look the same, but I just couldn’t decide which ones to post and which not, so I uploaded them all. the pink car was also theirs – it ROCKS!





One response

2 08 2008

Wow!!! It’s true you actually see every possible thing happen in Tokyo, ne??

They are like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, >._<!!!

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