16 08 2008

last wednesday I finally went to see [hana yori dango F]!!! – go me!

I went to roppongi hills’ toho cinema – mainly because we had already tried it when we went to see [崖の上のポニョ] and also because on wednesdays it’s only 1000¥ for girls :)

just a quick note, I got there at about 16:15 to buy the tickets for the 18:35 session and the were already SOLD OUT!!! when do japanese buy their tickets? do they get there in the morning or what???? so I had to make do with the 21:25 session – there are not as many screenings per day as in europe, even in big cinemas such as this. it was definitely worth it though, there was no way I was going to watch matsujun from the first row!

the film in itself is not bad, same style as the dorama but with really good illumination and photography. the story goes something like this:

makino and domyouji are finally getting married – with whole scene of formal proposing, kimono and all, parents meeting each other, bla, bla, bla…- and tsukasa’s mother (who seems to have reconsidered and is all nice and smiley) offers makino the most precious of the family jewels to wear at the wedding. the thing in question is a tiara with four gems as big as plums: one from america, one from hongkong, one from an isle in the south and the other one I didn’t get it :p

as soon as they start celebrating the upcoming event the tiara is stolen – long scene of domyouji chasing after thief and much “tsukasa style” fighting. don’t ask me why, but it seems they cannot get married if they don’t retrieve the thingy – predictable, but I didn’t get the reason why, excuse my poor japanese :p

from then on it will be a long trip to get the tiara back, from las vegas – casinos, more chasing and a really cute scene in the motel -, to hongkong to attend an auction with all F4 members (they wouldn’t miss the fun, would they?). then they end up in a deserted island who-knows-where, both alone and… happy? the fact is tsukushi’s doubts about the wedding have got bigger and bigger as the quest for retrieving the tiara became more difficult. are they too young to marry? are they really ready to spend their lives together? will she be able to make tsukasa happy? why does everything get so complicated for them? that’s what she is thinking, more or less.

the famous scene with matsujun shirtless in the water is obviously from the island sequences – there are many funny things here, like seeing how tsukasa grows a ridiculous amount of facial hair (poor thing, his beard is like three or four hairs…) and then shaves it off with a broken visa (no kidding). and then when makino asks him about his dream and he replies: “I’ve got it right in front of me.” pointing at makino. :) he can be sweet when he’s at it. you will discover tsukushi’s dream in the last scene, during the credits – I’m not spoiling it for you.

things about the other F4: nishikado is taking over the family business and giving conferences about the tea ceremony (the audience is nothing but women, of course); mimasaka is doing pretty much the same, though his family’s affairs involve shooting, scheming and being targeted by other bands *gulps* (I didn’t know this side of akira, he seemed so innocent…); the only one who is doing nothing is rui (or maybe he is and I just didn’t get it, but you just see him idling in his bedroom @_@). apart from that, shizuka gets married in france, sorry rui, life is hard.

best things… apart from the actors? the cute and funny scenes – in las vegas’ motel domyouji draws makino to the bed with the obvious intention of sleeping with her when they are interrupted by another character (forgot the name since he is not one of the regulars); domyouji snaps like a string and lies on his belly immediately (I was confused by this at first) but when when he sits up, he turns his back on the other two, makes a ball with the sheets and covers his crotch… seriously, just because he was thinking about sleeping with makino? lol

however, what I liked most is that after the “final” scene you get to see an epilogue, the “one year later” sort of thing. soujiro has writen a book – about tea ceremony, what else? – and yuki goes to the signing to surprise him. although he smiles warmly at first next thing he does is run away from her like mad. akira has become an oyagun (more or less) in hongkong – very much like “the godfather” asian version. rui… I never understood what happened with him, but at least he leaves his room. and a great scene with makino and domyouji back in the deserted island (this time they go there on purpose), where tsukushi reveals her dream. :)

kat, akiko-chan, I hope they release the DVD soon so we can watch it together guys!!! I’m so frustrated because I cannot comment on the important scenes so I don’t ruin the film for you! T_T

here’s the japanese trailer.

and I’m leaving the korean trailer here, since it seems it has some scenes that the japanese one omitted.

and I couldn’t leave [one love] PV out.




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16 08 2008

I hate you I do!!!!!
I want to see it!!! even if it’s in japanesse!!! I don’t mind a bit!!! Just to see those funny Domyouji moments!!!!

I hope next year we can go to the cinema over there (if there is a interesting movie of course!) I love the cinema at 1000 yens!! (though its like 1000 pesetas right???)

with all the hate in my heart!!


16 08 2008

GOMEN!!!!!!! T_T I wish I could’ve gone with you!!! we would’ve laughed sooo much!!! *sniff*

17 08 2008

I wouldn’t have understand any of it… well maybe a few words but yeah I would have laught a lot, XDDD!!!

I went to see The Dark Knight (the last from Batman) without you |:P

love you a bit!! (just a bit)

P.D.: Loved Proposal daisakusen but loved even more Zettai Kareshi!!! (I fell for Namba sempai!!!! Mizushima Hiro is sooooooo cute!!! much better than Matsujun)

Gomen for betraying you Matsujun but I’m only being earnest…

17 08 2008

I tried watching proposal daisakusen and thought it was a bit boring – maybe because i didn’t go past the first episode :p
did you know that nino went/goes out with the actress? and she is our age!!! she looks older…
I’ll try to finish watching zettai kareshi now that I don’t have any other dorama in queu \ but to say that hiro is cuter than matsubunny!!! those are BIG words! who could beat him after playing momo?!

ps: don’t worry about the batman thing, I deserve it. taking my punishment humbly… T^T

18 08 2008
kat XDDD

kat’s comment:

“But Nino wasn’t…. (the big word :P) lately I don’t have any doramas to see so you can imagine that I watch anything that comes in my way >.<!! (and I only said that Hiro is cuter than Matsubunny because there are moments in wich matsujun is a bit girly and “not that cute” and I haven’t found Hiro’s yet so he wins in that XDDD)

18 08 2008


I watched again Hana Kimi… (In a way to focus my attencion more in Nanba-senpai ^_^) and I still love the way Toma plays Nakatsu, he’s just so great!!! It looks like he hasn’t got any problems in making the character come to live >_<, because I’ve seen some TV shows and can see a bit of Nakatsu’s personality in him, other way I would think he is just a good actor (Obviously he is, look at him in Maou O_O!!!) it gives me hope that actually there is someone like Nakatsu out there XDD I don’t really mind to go to Japan to find him :P!!

You have no idea (well I’m sure you have) how much I miss you, T_T (I had to go to the cinema with my sis!!!!) And then you go a whole year to Rome… &_& I’ll think of a way to kidnap you, muajajaja!!!!


18 08 2008

uff… it took some time (and splitting it in two) but I could post your comment…

you’re right about the hiro thing, he never looks girly. but matsujun has won a place in my heart, I’m sorry.
if you want to watch some funny dorama – full of kakkoii guys – “rookies” is your thing. download it in d-addicts (subbed by timelessubs). I’m posting a reviwe anyway :)

me too loves toma-kun… hehe… he’s so fu**ing hot in maou!!! and he was lovely as nakatsu, that’s undeniable, but I like him better as keiji-san (hehe, detective-san, that sounds sooo weird)


18 08 2008

Hontoni Arigatou!!!!

I’m sorry for the trouble, though! I know Toma-kun is really really HOT in Maou!!! I’ve seen the first 6 episodes, but still nakatsu is one of my favorite characters ever, >.<!! He’s soooo cute and nice and funny and everthing!!! LOVE HIM!!! allready read about Rookies and commented XDD!!

P.S.: just found this… “Oguri Shun radio program -All Night Nippon radio show- he’s on air from midnight to 2 or something” (That’s all the infromation I have but maybe you can listen to his radio show…)

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