18 08 2008

another great dorama, in my opinion. I watched it just after finishing with [last friends] and the contrast did me some good… after all the suffering in [LF] it’s nice to laugh a bit for a change :)

the story is not very original maybe… bunch of young good-for-nothing delinquents, former members of  high-school baseball club, meet new enthusiastic teacher who is determined to make them achieve their “dreams”. in a way it follows [gokusen]’s pattern: boys don’t give a fuck about anything, school principal can’t wait to get rid of them, teaching staff is pissed off with them and wishes a random meteorite would wiped them out of the surface of the Earth for good… then idiotically enthusiastic new teacher arrives and gives them thousands of opportunities they shove up their… erhm, they don’t take because they’re *baddies* and stubborn like hell; time passes and masochistic teacher never gives up – after all he is masochistic teacher. either because he’s tiring or because they really feel someone finally believes in them – and poor things, that’s all they needed – they begin to change.

ok, I know this sounds like I’m making fun of it… but that’s pretty much how it goes, everybody knows that story. the differences here, the boys were a baseball team, with some good players that had put their hopes in koshien (national baseball competition, high-school level). since an unfortunate violent incident during a game they have been banned from playing and resorted to fighting, smoking and hanging around game parlours and stuff like that. deep inside though, they still yearn to play again, they just need a little push. the series is funny and enjoyable – or maybe it’s just that I like gang fighting and the sort, not in vain is [crows zero] one of my fave films so far.

the characters are really omoshiroi and the actors too:

kawato kouji [sato ryuta] is the *stupidly enthusiastic* teacher and a pain in the ass for the boys. otherwise he is a great person, genuinely worried about his students (yankumi style, I swear) and 2nd dan in karate! [sato] played master in [kisarazu cat’s eye] (also related to baseball @_@, does this man ever get a break?) and kattori in [bambino], where he was pretty cool, in my humble opinion V_V

aniya keiichi [ichihara hayato], the leader of the gang, he has real skill for baseball and back when they could still play he dreamt about koshien. he’s now a playboy that uses the baseball club quarters to bring girls and… erm, yeah. however, he seems to be very close to yagi touko – they must know each other since they were kids or something, since she calls him kei-chan – and all his coolness shakes when she jokes about having sex with him. [hayato] appeared in iwai shinji’s [all about lili chouchou] some years ago; since then he has starred in [waterboys2] and [niji no megami] with [ueno juri]. this boy is just gorgeous, the aniya look suits him perfectly!

wakana tomochika [takaoka sousuke] the catcher of the team and the “mood maker”, when he is not around things start falling slightly apart. he is as stupid and stubborn as the rest of them and gets easily flared up when challenged, but he has his weak points too. [takaoka] played a similar role in [crows zero] – takashi miike film about gang fighting, based on a very popular manga by takahashi hiroshi. other works include dorama [attention please] and famous [battle royale] (I have to see that one again because I don’t remember him…)

mikoshiba tooru [koide keisuke] is the only one in the band that doesn’t cause any trouble, he just hangs around with them out of former friendship while he keeps harboring hopes of playing baseball with them one more time. nice and kind-hearted as he is, mikoshiba is easily bullied, but if it weren’t for him the baseball club would have never reformed again. you might have seen this actor before in [nodame cantabile] as MASAMI!!! yes, I also had a heart attack when I realised… he looks so kakkoii in the magazines and so cute as mikoshiba… example of how afro-hairstyle and weird chinese-like mustache can ruin your image… V_V*

sekikawa shuta [nakao akiyoshi] may not be the teams ace but he is undeniably the fastest runner the have. second to come around after mikoshiba, his feelings towards the baseball club’s future are as strong as anyones’. [nakao] also appears in [waterboys2] and [dragon zakura].

shinjo kei [shirota yuu] the most violent and dangerous of the boys, he is last to rejoin the club due to his stubborness. despite his apparent detatched attitude he is the one that values friendship the most and would never betray his mates. this actor is actually half spanish, as a consequence there is a substantial difference in hight with the rest of the boys – poor japanese shorties – which makes him look monstrously big, when he is actually normal! just check [hanakimi] where he played kagurazaka, you’ll see he has more or less the same build as [oguri shun].

the other members are: [kawamura yousuke] as hiyama, [onoue hiroyuki] as imaoka, [igarashi shunji] as yufune and [sato takeru] as okada.

and [kiritani kenta] as hiratchi – this was my second heart attack. I thought “kiritani, kiritani… where did I hear that name before?” and then I find a post in a blog saying that he had appeared in [crows zero]!! “OMG! now I remember! he’s my GOD from [crows zero]!” this can’t be true! they have depicted him as the idiot of the group and with that horrible hair style and mustache he loses all his sex-appeal… T_T  please take a look of the “before” and “after”:

the rest of the cast includes [murakawa eri] (yagi touko) from [sexy voice and robo] and [fukiishi kazue] (mayumi rie). you can also see her in [bambino] playing matsujun’s girlfriend, eri, and in [yamada tarou monogatari], again as a teacher.

since it finished airing pretty recently only the first nine episodes are subbed in english  – all thanks to [skeweds] and [TimeLesSubs] :)   torrents this way —>

ep#1 :: ep#2 :: ep#3 :: ep#4 :: ep#5 :: ep#6 :: ep#7 :: ep#8 :: ep#9

if you don’t care about the subs because you just want to enjoy watching the boys, go ahead and download the RAW episodes! (note: 1280×720 divx6.xx)

ep#10 :: ep#11

if you like the ending song, [kiseki] from GReeeeN, I left an MF link in a previous post. :)




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18 08 2008

Kiritani is Tokio???? And he is your GOD of “Crows Zero”??? I kind of preffer Oguri Shun and then Takayuki Yamada (Tamao Serizawa)… I don’t know Tokio would not have been my pick. Though I have to say that in the first picture he is really Kakoii!!

(If you are wondering… I’ve just finished watching Crows Zero… It’s a hell of a movie!!! It’s like 2 hours lenth and I didn’t find it long, XDD, If you had told me I was going to see Oguri Shun (My Onigiri) in a mud fight I surelly would have seen it before :P!! I really loved it >.<!!)

When you come to Madrid you are going to lend me the hard disk where you have all this series, ne????

19 08 2008

I know onigiri is gorgeous in [crows zero] and serizawa was another surprise – god, that man is HOT!!! he appears in [ikigami] along with [matsuda shouta] and in MW with chiaki sempai (a pitty that both films are not on theatres now… T_T we will have to wait.
my fave guys from [crows zero] are onigiri, serizawa, tokio and the blondie that joins genji the first, he is wakana in rookies. I don’t know in which order I like them better though… depends on the scene :)
but tokio is really kakkoii…. *drools*

when I get to madrid you can do whatever you want with me!

19 08 2008

Mmmmmmm…. Don’t say me that kind of things… who knows if I’ll keep your word, :P!!
It’s 5 in the morning and I’m about to leave for the shooting of a Coca-Cola TV spot… I’m kind of sleepy =_=

I loved Crows Zero, thanks a lot for the film, XDD!!!

1 09 2008

would you know whether there might be rookies 2 or not? with the ending i bet there is..

1 09 2008

I guess so. when it will be aired, no idea, sorry. also, I’m back in spain now, so all news about upcoming dorama are not direct anymore… I suggest you search the web a bit :)
sorry for not being of much help. gomen!

27 10 2008

Hi mate. INteresting review youve got here.
I love the manga, but i din get to read it until finish.
And oh, this dorama,
surprisingly they decided to dress the actors with 90% hairstyle resembles the manga. I love it…

17 11 2008

i really love this tv series. (i just finished it last saturday)
i used to read this manga before. it’s really nice to see it in tv show
many characters are really similar to manga

8 03 2010

Ryuta Sato was damn cool in Bambino! as Katori-san. The word ‘badass’ comes to mind lol.

Rookies made me love Ryuta… So very much…

8 12 2011

hayato is awesome!!!!!! i’m falling in love with him!!!!! ///v///
anyway one of the most amazing Jdrama i’ve ever seen, the great thing about it is that they actually gave me strengh through their story, oh so touching…

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