Arashi – Truth [MS 15-08-08]

20 08 2008

Ok I wasn’t very sure about this song’s live performance because of the mixed melodies in some parts of the song… but Actually “my boys” can do whatever they try, >.<!!!

This is a live performance for Music Station (A very popular Tv program in Japan) and YES!! they are singing Live! I’m glad everything with Ohno-kun went well (Or so I asume because he is attending tv show’s and everything, >.< Ureshio!!!! Omedeto Ohno-Kun!!!) Talking about Ohno… check out in the video (nearly at the end) when Ohno sing’s alone that his tie hits him in the face T_T But he is so natural about it XDD!

It’s been a while since I did a post on Nana’s blog, and actually this post was going to be in my own blog but I don’t know why I started writing in english so I said to myself WTF lets do it in Nana’s blog, XDD!

I know lately I’ve been talking about Oh-Chan but don’t worry I’m still a Jun Baited fan and that wont change for anything (not even Hiro looking something alike MY Jun and never having that girlish look on him, promise!!) It’s just that only recently I’ve found the sweet and lovely side of Oh-Chan…

That’s all for now!! I leave you with the live performance of Truth by Arashi!!

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3 responses

21 08 2008

bufff… it’s taken me two days to be able to see this video… I had to download veohTV to find out which codecs and plugins were missing… but my work payed off! and I was craving for a truth live performance – even though the PV is really good. I love the dark style, the coreography… everything!!! nino looks a lot more mature since “gimmick game”, doesn’t he?
and poor oh-chan… in heyheyhey! they asked him about his work during 2008 and sho-kun explained all riida’s been doing. when they asked ohno for his opinion he just said “hai, isogashii” (yes, I’m busy) with this small voice… soo cute!! even when evil ties plot against him, he’s still the cutest!

21 08 2008

great cap, but he way!!!

21 08 2008

Oh-Chan is the greatest!!!! I’ve also seen the live performance of Heyx3, but I kind of like this one better, >.<!!! I kind of enjoy it when they make mistakes, they look less of a machine… (I’m not too sure that they are actual people, their schedules are insane!!!)

And Yes! Nino look more mature… (this is just to please you, you know, :P!!!)

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