24 08 2008

[oreiji]‘s [arashi] related blog – lots of interesting stuff about the boys, regular updates on the TVshows they appear in and their weekly schedule (definitely worth visiting). however, what really made me roll with laughter are the [motto juntoshi love] posts. I only new about [ohmiya] love, so [juntoshi] is new to me @_@; still it was awesome! check this posts, they are definately a must for [arashi] fans. :3

[motto juntoshi love]

[motto juntoshi love 2]

they are basically [arashi] fics, jun/ohno shipped, but told through caps and with lots of humour. the caps are really well chosen and the stories, even if simple are hilarious! I have read some arashi fics before, but this is the best I’ve encountered so far. enjoy!!!




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