Another Quiz about Arashi >_<

3 10 2008

kat XD shared this quiz with me last week I suspect in an attempt to cheer me up (嵐 never fails to steal a smile from me) and so I tried and got oh-chan. but by some mysterious design of fate I couldn’t post it directly through the “share” button -> “wordpress”. so I closed the results and contented myself with telling kat. as it happens she thought it’d be nice to have both posted (hers and mine) and so I complied. and this time I got jun twice!!! I guess I changed a couple of answers and now I don’t remember what I replied to get oh-chan… since we both got the same – and kat is gonna kill me for this (damn possessive with her matsubunny *ouch*) – I won’t repeat the results.

Congratulations!!! You and Matsumoto Jun have gotten married and are now on your way to a special Italian Honeymoon in the Amalfie Coast with nothing but good yummy pasta and beautiful beach shorelines to fill your hearts with romance and passion!!

*note*: hum, guess I AM in italy eating a lot of pasta after all. company is slightly different than an 嵐member, but still… :p




One response

4 10 2008

You really DO know that Matsubunny it’s only mine, right???
Etsuko is really happy that you passed the exam, we told her today, >_<!!! She sais that maybe next year Akiko and I can take an exam in dicember or so to different levels so I don’t envy you that much :P!!

P.D.: Matsubunny is mine!!! you first got Oh-Chan sooooo…

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