6 10 2008

here I go again with music. I’m spending a lot of time in buses lately – after a year driving my car around madrid going back to public transport is slightly disconcerting. since it can easily take me 40min to get home when the traffic is very roman, I have been trying different ways to pass the time. spacing out is no good, you always end up thinking about what you shouldn’t – danger here -, reading is… uncomfortable, what with all the bumping along the cobblestone streets and the bus-driver’s crazy roman driving. writing is, of course, out of the question due to the aforementioned detail. which means I mostly listen to music, it’s easier.



this is not a new group to me, but it had been some time since I last listened to their songs. it never fails to amaze me how different an artist can seem to you depending on the circumstances, depending on the time. I appreciate a new side of this group now, paying closer attention to the lyrics, all like short stories on their own.





more “misuchiru”, this time from different albums again. “tabidachi no uta” is more recent, though previous to “GIFT” (which I already posted some time ago). the other two belong to the album [DISCOVERY] that I bought for 500 yen in a [bookOFF] in 渋谷. funny how they spelled “nishi he higashi he” in katakana. hum…

.::BE FREE::.


one of these days I will simply upload the whole album, because I just love all the songs. until then I leave these two, which range among my favourites.



.::cotton wool::.


every time I listen to [LaMb] my friend marta comes to mind. she introduced me to this group one memorable afternoon during a workshop session that lasted 4 days in a row – this involved all four of us buried alive in my room working to get our architecture projects ready, sleeping in turns and going a little crazy. that time she played “gorecki”. now I can’t detach one from the other: marta is lamb and lamb is marta. however, enjoy the songs; according to my friend it’s perfect ‘music for fucking’.

.::the orchard::.

(^complete album download^)

absolutely wonderful. this I owe to akiko-chan, who’s always discovering new treasures! she has a previous album, but I haven’t listened to it yet. when I get around it I’ll start uploading. :)




3 responses

6 10 2008

Thanks a lot Nana!!! I’m bored to the bone… I’m in dubbing class but It’s soo boring that I got all the songs from this post. XDDD!!! Thanks a lot…

I like your new banner aswell, >_<!!! miss you, Muacsss!!

6 10 2008

really? I thought dubbing was one of the classes you were interested in… looks it didn’t turn out as it should have… I’m sorry.
and glad to help rescue you from boredom! always at your service! :)

6 10 2008

Actually is a great class but some of my classmates are… well not that good of a classmate. I love dubbing classes but we are like 30 people and only 6 at a time can be doing something soo…

I’ll send you some videos you have to watch… or maybe I’ll post them don’t know yet…


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