7 10 2008

because japan will never cease to surprise us with yet another ludicrous occurrence.

here are the posters (up to this month) of the campaign entitled “train manners” – personally, I would have never thought that japanese needed any sort of reminder in the matter. just the funny, sour looking man that appears recurrently in all of them (like wally) is enough to make you twitch your mouth into a small smile. but the last three posters are just hilarious. I came across the “do it in the beach” one down at ebisu station, but didn’t know of the existence of the others until now.

go ahead, crack a laugh.




One response

8 10 2008

I love the one of the beach and the one of the umbrella >_<!!! They are just great, thanks so much for sharring. (I hope you’ll be able to show me some of them in the diferent stations if they are still up next year)

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