[howTOfly] 嵐 lyrics and translation

11 10 2008

today we had a compulsory appointment, like every saturday morning, with our history teacher. these sort of “sightseeing” is part of the course and we have to take notes and draw for the sake of the exam. in a way it’s really cool to have your “history of modern italian architecture” teacher explain to you monuments and buildings in rome. but the fact that it has to be saturday morning… today we went to study “san pietro in montorio”, which I can proudly say is inside a courtyard of the “spanish academy and embassy” in rome. getting there was a little problematic, since it’s just under giannicolo, but you generally arrive there through trastevere. now, trastevere bears a curious resemblance with hogwarts castle in that the street’s layout seem to be alive and ever-changing. once you get inside you know you are lost and it will take you the same time to get out of there that it took alicie to scape wonderland.

with all the street-wandering, old uneven stair-climbing and the 3h visit I arrived home dead tired and crashed on the bed. I was out for some good four hours and when I woke up refreshed I was taken by a sudden urge to translate some japanese lyrics – yes, it sounds weird, but that’s just how I am. since I had mentioned recently that I liked [how to fly] because of the lyrics mainly, I decided to start with that. hope you like it as much as me!

[how to fly]・嵐

*current mood pleased*




One response

17 10 2008

Ah, sorry for commenting so randomly XD
But THANK YOU! so much for the translation!
I’ve been looking around and I couldn’t find it translated ^^”
Thanks again, dear!
Oh, and I’m Emily btw XD

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