[carryON] lyrics and translation

16 10 2008

[carry on] is one of my favorite songs from the [time] LP – along with [cry for you], [firefly] and [be with you], which all happen to fall into the ‘no PV’ category T_T

oh, well… at least we have the lives to make up for this injustice. (who was so empty-headed as to decide they didn’t need a PV? Ò.Ó おこってるんですよ!)

with regards to the trans… 間違えばすみません。sorry for the inaccuracies, translating songs involve a lot of imagination and you end up ‘interpreting’ more than anything, because some sentences just don’t connect or make any sense otherwise. still it gets easier the more you do it, since a lot of words repeat themselves and a lot of structures too. good way to improve your japanese if I may say so.

know that you are free to take the translation, as always – but if you use it in your blog or site, please remember to credit or link. these things take time and a little effort :)

[carry on]・嵐




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