Which member of Arashi is your favorite?

19 10 2008



5 responses

20 10 2008

Ohno!!!! So cute,I just love him XD

20 10 2008

I love Ohno aswell, but I’ll have to say Jun… I’m a Jun baited, but Ohno is getting closer every day, >_<!!!

20 10 2008

difficult, difficult… I like them all, or I should say I like how they are “together”, how they relate to one another. forced to choose I have to say nino though. (that photograph got me biased) XD

6 03 2010

I prefer Sho !! shoooo !! ♥♥ lol

2 10 2010
Arabic girl ♥

Ammmm …~~~
it’s So hard =( ..!!
I love them all ='( !
Ammm .. I’ll say ( ♥ Sho ♥ )
Because he is so cute ..!!
XD ..

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