[naked・松本潤] lyrics and trans

2 11 2008

after posting [la familia] at [info]jun_daily they asked me if I had anymore jun solo translations. I was going to wait for requests, since there wasn’t one I was particularly interested in translating after [la familia] and with no criterion whatsoever I generally get nowhere.
however, I was so morose after struggling to translate [walking in the rain] with so little success that I needed to wipe it from my mind altogether. and I thought about doing one of jun’s songs – since at least I had a reason to do so.

I chose [naked] merely because it is the last one and also because watching some arashi vids the other day I came across one where the boys were interviewed because of the new album release (old vid, I know). when asked which solo he liked best, ohno (acting as leader and spokeperson for once – though not very successfully I should add…) said it had to be jun’s. there! if riida says it’s his fave that’s reason enough for me :)


*note* I have to thank kat for the image, since she passed it through photoshop and now jun wears his colour! 似合ってるね?

*current mood:  sleepy*




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