3 11 2008

ok, I thought I should inform of the requests I got so far – that way you’ll know if a song has already been asked for or at least what to expect in the next days.

yes? no?
kitto daijoubu
typhoon generation
fight song

cry for you
te agerou
take me far away
song for me
yume de ii kara

the first four I’ll try to have them by wednesday (though it depends on the difficulty of the lyrics)

ahhhh… tomorrow I have to wake up at six to get to class… and I have a long day of classes ahead. why am I still here? ¬.¬
oh! and I’m alone at home with my flatmate’s dog (BIG dog), who likes to sleep in my bedroom. right now she’s getting very nervous and my flatmate shows no signs of coming back… oh man… no sleep for me tonight. what should I do? I’m a cats person through and through!

*current mood: slightly worried*




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