[beautifulDAYS] regular edition

6 11 2008

I just received my copy of 嵐’s new single [beautiful days]!!!!! *dancing ridiculously in front of the computer*

even though it’s just the regular edition – the one containing the PV was already out of stock by the time I went to check on amazon – I’m ecstatic with joy! this is actually my first original 嵐 CD, though I hoped vainly for it to be [truth] – no luck here either, even though I was in tokyo by the time it was out.

so I thought I’d share – like I’m sure many other people will do these next days – uploading it to this blog.

the contents of the regular edition are:


.::beautiful days single download::.

01.beautiful days・02.僕は僕の全て・03.忘れられない・

04.beautiful days [カラオケ]・05.僕は僕の全て [カラオケ]・06.忘れられない [カラオケ]

the other two songs are [boku wa boku no subete] and [wasurerarenai]. I’m listening to them right now, but it’ll take me time to get attuned to them, so I can’t tell straight away if I like them or not. perhaps they’ll turn out to be like [how to fly] and [kaze no mukou he], which were both shadowed by the main songs in the single, but when listened to carefully you realise they are pretty good! *crosses her fingers*

that’s it for now. I wanted to start scanning the arashi photobooks I received, but my house-mate’s scanner is missing a cable – I went all excited to fetch it from her room after asking her permission only to find out it’s as good as having no scanner for all I can do with it in its present state… T_T  ゴメンね みんな…

*current mood: red02 nearing nirvana*




3 responses

12 11 2008

thank you for the track list ^^

12 11 2008

no, thank you for dropping a comment – much appreciated :)

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