[yes?no?・嵐] lyrics and trans

6 11 2008

first of all, let me sight… I thought I’d have today to work on the songs, but I got an assignment for city planning due tomorrow and consequently spent most of the day in uni working with my group.

aside from that… I’m really pissed off.
in the short time I’ve been in rome I’ve come to notice the national sport must be moving bus stops around the city – I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve had to go in search of the new situation of my bus stop. yesterday I took the underground directly from uni instead of walking my 30 min to the place I normally wait for the bus because it had been moved to a street that escaped my knowledge – yet again. when I got out of the underground I recalled the nearest stop had also been transferred some good 600m down the street due to repaving of a strech of the road. I walked there resignedly under the heavy rain – because it was raining, of course. after waiting no more than a minute I resolved asking the people around me – experience has taught me that the more you ask the less you wait for a bus that’s not coming. and sure they told me the course of my bus had been changed that morning and that now it departed from piazza della repubblica. […] funnily enough, that’s where I had come out of the underground…
in the end I had to walk to another place, to take another bus that took me to one of the few stops that hadn’t been changed.
all in all it took me more than an hour and a half to get home, when it shouldn’t be more than 40min.

now, whoever tells me that rome is beautiful will have an umpleasant encounter with my knukles, I swear.

*cursing roman public transport vehemently, and wisihng for a meteorite to crash on atac’s central office*

sorry for the rant. here’s the song:

*current mood:  grumpy*




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20 07 2010

i love you arashi

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