22-year-old studying architecture with no hopes of ever becoming an architect and not a bit frustrated by this piece of universal truth. meanwhile reading her way out of existential boredom and drinking genmai cha, fighting the urge to punch kishimoto masashi and kubo taito for getting nowhere with their last chapters and dreaming about italian coffee in starbucks and calory-free cookies.


currently delighted to lose her way in narrow, secret streets in rome and experimenting with pomodorini and pepperoncino; madly in love with a little english bookshop (with its own very english owner) in trastevere and writing in cafés that serve moderately cheap cappuccino.


no longer in rome, alas! and missing it everyday. back to being misplaced in the not always desirable life of an architecture student, her nose still buried in a book and about to make the phrase “coffee and cigarettes” the motto of her day-to-day life.


4 responses

8 10 2008

Ok… I want you to write my about page, >_<!!! You are a better judge than me…

(loved your universal truth, XDD)

9 10 2008

oh, but about pages are so personal… it’s worse than asking me to be the speech-person in your wedding! :p

10 10 2008

Ohhh!!! that gives me an idea thanks :P!!!! I’ll think about something for my about page…

12 03 2011

hello! i asked your tumblr and i realized i’d probably never see the answer as i don’t quite know how it works and where it’d be answered…

i was wondering what you’re doing in japan and how you got yourself there, as it seems you were previously in… rome… and elsewheres…

i was there for a half a year study abroad in high school and would love to find myself there again for studies someday, and so i’m curious about those there now. would love to hear from you, if you ever found time, sorry if you’ve already wrote it all somewhere before.

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