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4 03 2011

it has been a loooong time since I last posted! that’s because when I returned to Tokyo I started a different LJ blog – that I’m no longer using – __ -U !

soon after creating the LJ blog I discovered tumblr and decided to migrate all the contents there – in the end it was a more convenient format for the kind of blog I had in mind.

so for anyone who might be interested in reading a bot more about my nonsense —>>>

[escaping the thai mafia]



7 08 2010

this summer UNIQLO’s graphic t-shirts are devoted to manga and anime – featuring series like [one piece], [dragon ball], [gundam]… and since yet another [evangelion] movie was released this year, gainax’s star anime couldn’t be left out of this.

I wasn’t in time for a pen2 awesome t-shirt, but as the stocks dwindle they bring a new set of designs! so I ended up buying this one!

the writing glows in the dark – which I discovered by accident thanks to a friend… -__-U

next in my list: [日本おもちゃ] collection or [企業コラボ] collection ^^ hope there’s still a ホッピ model waiting for me!

[多摩大学図書館・TAMAlibrary] Ito Toyo

11 07 2010

yesterday I went to see Toyo Ito’s Tama Library, inside the Campus of Tama University in Kanagawa. even though it was saturday you could see a lot of people on campus O.o as if they had nothing better to do on a weekend than to go again to uni…

you could appreciate the absolute care with which the minutest details were treated. the concrete was smooth as silk and where it joined the glass of the arching windowpanes both were at the same level, not a millimeter off! さすがに日本だな。

also, there were some guys sleeping like babies in a special resting lounge. they were so cute, lol.

HOW TO get there:

from Shinjuku take the Keio line to Hashimoto (橋本),  it costs about 430 yen.

once there you will have to take a bus to the campus. the buses are outside on the ground floor

taking the north exit of the station. I think the one taking you to the campus leaves from quay 6.

from the bus stop to the campus entrance is just a matter of three minutes walking and most likely

other students will be getting off with you, just follow them. 以上


5 07 2010

[低燃費少女ハイジ] or “efficiency fuel girl Heidi” was part of the 2009 campaign by Nissan, promoting their “fuel efficient” new model NOTE. the campaign was issued as a mini-series by animation studios ZUIYO and studio crocodile in the same style as their famous [world of golden eggs]. the story goes basically like this: in each episode heidi goes around asking what “teinenpi” is, but no one can really tell her, until in the end she finds out, although I suggest you see for your selves :)

the silly thing was so successful that you can find all sorts of merchandising in KIDDYLAND! (check it out). I can’t promise I won’t end up buying some whatnot myself!

episode 1: “echo”

episode 2: “peter”

episode 3: “granpa”

if you liked them you can find out what the damn “teinenpi” is here (or not?). with a bit of searching around  youtube you’ll sure find someone who added subtitles to it.



9 11 2008


I have decided to go on hiatus for some time. the reason is I have started a lyrics translation blog on LJ and I’m doing most of the posting there (which isn’t much anyway, since I’m busy with uni). so for lack of time and because what I’m posting about lately doesn’t fit this blog anymore I will take a break from WP. I hope to come back sooner or later, when I have new things to write about!

*pic originally taken from ffffound

[きっと大丈夫・嵐] kitto daijoubu lyrics and trans

8 11 2008

*musings*: this song has proven a little tough – ironically because of all the english words! to try to grasp the meaning of the verses I had to make a guess at what they must have been thinking in japanese to make such a strange choice of english words. from there I struggled to translate back… I must say this song doesn’t make as much sense as the others – maybe because of my still-developing skills ^_^’

however, I had a lot of fun transcribing the katakana – you get such ludicrous occurrences XD


I would have translated [take me far away] too, but I spent most of the day updating my fonts and PS brushes because when I changed to mac I lost my old win libraries. sorry! fonts, brushes and the like are my weak point! I cannot bear to live on century gothic alone – I’m a sybarite.

pic courtesy of [info]mamoruchan :)

[楽園・二宮和也] lyrics trans + song

8 11 2008

as I mentioned when I posted [ファイトソング] this is the original composition prior to it – a 100% nino song, very sweet and endearing. since this is early production the lyrics are a bit naïve, but you can also detect his mischievous side in some parts (like when he says “if you don’t mind your mother getting angry we’ll be back by sunrise” and so XD). the title , “rakuen” means “paradise”.

since I imagine not all of you have the piece I’ll leave an MF link to it too – I honestly don’t remember where I downloaded it from, else I’d credit. enjoy the song!

[楽園]・二宮和也 (lyrics)

.::楽園::. (download)

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