14 03 2008

this was initially a project for a short animation series aimed at mobile phones and it was going to be called [monsterCIRCUS]. the characters all formed part of a great circus family of weird and funny things and they even had names and a life and so on. well, one has to be prepared to recycle. now it’s become a project for icon designing and [if we’re lucky] merchandising. here I leave the finished work and the sketches, cause they’re cooler in my opinion.


2 sides of a coin

11 03 2008

I’ve got this curious thing about books and comics and it’s that I get very possessive about them while I’m reading and re-reading them – for months sometimes. it happened with my claire wendling illustrations book re-edition, with [jonathan strange&mr. norrell] and with [moi je] from french artist [aude picault]. take a look at her page if you still don’t know her and fall in love. she has just edited a second part to [moi je] and I’m dying to have it. I think I’ll blackmail a friend who’s studying in paris to buy it for me and send it home… hehehe…

working determination

10 03 2008

this is where my working determination usually leads me… in five minutes more or less. quite a record.


10 03 2008

I have just got my driving license a month ago and I’m beginning to experiment what being a driver really means…


10 03 2008

the other day my friends and I decided to do some home-made udon. it was like playing with pots and pans as we did when we were 7. and the curious thing is that the result was surprisingly delicious-looking. that was before we tasted it of course…


10 03 2008

this is a silly anecdote from a short trip to paris of some time ago. it’s in french because I usually think in the laguage I speak and at the time I was speaking french. it translates more or less like this:

[it costs 8€ to go to roissy airport…]

[fuck! it’s too expensive! ]

[oh, well… we`re passing without paying. – are you sure?]

[blah, blah, blah…]

[I’m heavy. – I’m super-heavy. – oops?]


the thing was we decided not to purchase a RER ticket to get on the train and risk being caught. well, we weren’t caught, but we had to jump the barrier with two very heavy suitcases full of comicbooks in front of two station guards because apparently even though the ticket wasn’t needed to get in, it was to get out…

heather sloane

3 03 2008


I found heather sloane’s site by chance while… well, looking for something else. apparently heather sloane is part of illustration group WeCanFly, who is currently working on a project with NESTA for children books. heather’s style is amazingly clean and simple, tender and funny. I admire all artists that can express a lot with just a few lines. I suggest at least a quick look at her portfolio and while you’re at it, check her links too. specially bark_nuggets – and don’t miss the “floating cat” animation.