[my furry monster dad] – a. gropius

15 04 2008

it’s been a long time since I last posted a story from a. gropius. we were working on [some of my best friends], painting it, when the computer died swallowing all our progress… that’s one of the reasons this new story is hand-painted. the plot revolves around a little girl whose father is a big, blue, furry monster. just as before, the story is meant for children and parents alike. [my furry monster dad] opens a new series of funny, endearing children stories. enjoy!!!


[mortal instruments] fanart – isabel&alec

14 04 2008

I finished isabel and alec today while working at my university’s student association. yey! only jace to go!

the kanji on isabel’s cheek means “beauty” or “beautiful”, while alec’s is “ai”, from “love”.

hope you like it!

more [mortal instruments] fanart

13 04 2008

as I said, I would be eventually drawing some more fanart for [the mortal instruments] trilogy. I have just finished the second book, [city of ashes], after kat XDDD returned it this weekend and I feel more like giving it a push. I had already read through half of the novel when I handed it to Kat XDDD in an attempt to draw temptation  away from me, so I started some new designs for the characters. I wish I had the time to illustrate some of the book’s scenes… regrets, regrets… meanwhile I bring you simon and clary. isabel, alec and jace are waiting patiently in my photoshop workspace.

city of bones fanart

26 03 2008

for those of you who have never read harry potter fanfiction – or who are puzzling over the word – the name of [cassandra clare] might not ring a bell. cassie is an american writer living in brooklyn, NYC. her first novels [city of bones] and [city of ashes] are both part of [the mortal instruments] trilogy, set in contemporary NYC and featuring demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, fairies… and shadowhunters. the protagonist, a 15-year-old with a knack for drawing will shortly find herself trapped in a world shaken by imminent war, a world she knew nothing about and to which she apparently belongs from birth.

city of bonescity of ashes

the book is fantastically written, the characters come to life from their first appearance and the dialogs are quick and witty, full of irony and humour. cassandra clare has this unique sense of humour that makes her works all the better for it – I suggest you take a look at [the very secret diaries] and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

on the introduction to the first book [city of bones], clare said that ‘in fairy tales, it was the dark and mysterious forest outside the town that held the magic and danger. I wanted to create a world were the city has become the forest […]’. I think this explains about all.

and what I really wanted to post about was some fanart I did this morning during class […] but I couldn’t just drop them like that with no explanation, so I included a little introduction to a writer I admire and follow since I was 15. on my next post about her I hope to be able to upload the [draco trilogy], the fanfic that made her famous all over the internet. but, alas!, I deleted the files from my computer foolishly thinking I had another copy. oh, well…

the pictures depict characters isabel, alec, clary and jace.

more coming up soon – hopefully!

“some of my best friends”

23 03 2008

here’s the second children story by [a. gropius]: _some of my best friends_

I had to divide it into two slideshows because it exceeded the size permitted by slideshare. you will notice that, unlike the first story, this one has no colour. we weren’t sure it really needed it, so we have posted it b&w for a change.

once more it’s a story of parents and children and… books! the rest I leave to you to discover. enjoy it!!!!





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morimoto koji

14 03 2008

[morimoto koji] is a superb – albeit unknown – japanese artist. his work ranges from illustration to japanese animation. though his name may not say a thing to you, probably some of the films he has worked in will ring a bell: spriggan (1998), mindgame (2004), a short in animatrix (2003). he founded [studio 4ºC] along with tanaka eiko and sato yoshiharu. it is through this studio that they participate in anime productions such as mentioned before. apart from them, there are plenty more young artists working in [studio 4ºC] that may surprise you. but since this post was supposed to be dedicated to morimoto-san I will let you investigate at ease.

the only problem I see is that his site is in french, but I guess you’ll manage just fine. :)






14 03 2008

this was initially a project for a short animation series aimed at mobile phones and it was going to be called [monsterCIRCUS]. the characters all formed part of a great circus family of weird and funny things and they even had names and a life and so on. well, one has to be prepared to recycle. now it’s become a project for icon designing and [if we’re lucky] merchandising. here I leave the finished work and the sketches, cause they’re cooler in my opinion.