[流星の絆] ryusei no kizuna_beautiful days

10 10 2008

I have been either very busy or very lazy to check on the autumn upcoming doramas. I knew ニノ was starring in a new series for TBS that would cover [魔王]’s slot (yes, I’m sad too that it’s over – no more hot 生田斗真 for a while). but I didn’t know much about it, to tell you the truth; just the title [流星の絆]

the story is again one of revenge it seems (TBS is straining the topic a bit, what with [魔王] first and then this, but it may stick, who knows). three orphan siblings – played by [二宮和也] ninomiya kazunari, [錦戸亮] nishikido ryo and [戸田恵梨香] toda erika – swear on a shooting star that the time may come when they will avenge their murdered parents (hence the title: “bonds of a shooting star/meteor”). the kids grow up and finally discover the identities of the murderers. the two boys are intent to follow as sworn long ago, but they have overlooked a small detail: their sister.

the script is [kudo kankuro]’s, you may know some of his works: [kisarazu cat’s eye] (dorama and movies) and [ikebukuro west gate park] are the most famous. I just mention it because it could be a warranty of a good script and plot. I loved [kisarazu], so I hope this one turns out well – I got tired of watching dorama for the sake of someone’s appearance when I came across , that did it for me. so if this one is not good I won't follow it, not even for ニノ.

other interesting facts about the dorama are the two songs that are known to feature as the opening and insert song. the first one is the new [嵐] single [beautiful days] - how long has it been since truth was released, two months? and there's another single going out 5th november? do they ever stop to breath? - and the second one is a ballad by [中島美嘉] nakashima mika, whose brief collaboration with morisanchuu seems to have been just that: brief. honestly, what a waste. I'm leaving here the MF links to both songs - mind you, the [嵐] one is a radio-rip from ニノ's [baystorm], as the CD has not been released yet.

.::beautiful days::.


in fact it was the song that triggered all this. I was walking around rome the other day for lack of anything else to do, when I suddenly remembered about [ryusei no kizuna] and wondered who would be doing the theme song. the poll was strong on [嵐], of course, but since ryo is also in the series I thought maybe [NEWs] would be given a chance. but apparently not - now I feel stupid for even thinking about it.

while you wait for the dorama release in TBS on 17日10月, I found a TFP2 special of [ryusei no kizuna]. the file is some good 1.1Gb big, so there was no way I could upload it to MF without upgrading - and believe me, that's not gonna happen in the near future - so instead you have the d-addicts torrent link.

*current mood: impatient*


18 09 2008

episode 10 of [rookies] is finally subbed!! all thanks to [skewedSTUDIO] and [timelesSUBS].

I had been waiting soooo long for this release! this episode is such a cliffhanger it doesn’t make the waiting for the final ep any easier T_T

still it was worth it, even if the last part of the dorama is more dramatic than fun i love watching the guys play and fight for acknowledgment :)

GO ニコ学, GO!

download links:

ep#10 (torrent)

ep#10 (dd)


18 08 2008

another great dorama, in my opinion. I watched it just after finishing with [last friends] and the contrast did me some good… after all the suffering in [LF] it’s nice to laugh a bit for a change :)

the story is not very original maybe… bunch of young good-for-nothing delinquents, former members of  high-school baseball club, meet new enthusiastic teacher who is determined to make them achieve their “dreams”. in a way it follows [gokusen]’s pattern: boys don’t give a fuck about anything, school principal can’t wait to get rid of them, teaching staff is pissed off with them and wishes a random meteorite would wiped them out of the surface of the Earth for good… then idiotically enthusiastic new teacher arrives and gives them thousands of opportunities they shove up their… erhm, they don’t take because they’re *baddies* and stubborn like hell; time passes and masochistic teacher never gives up – after all he is masochistic teacher. either because he’s tiring or because they really feel someone finally believes in them – and poor things, that’s all they needed – they begin to change.

ok, I know this sounds like I’m making fun of it… but that’s pretty much how it goes, everybody knows that story. the differences here, the boys were a baseball team, with some good players that had put their hopes in koshien (national baseball competition, high-school level). since an unfortunate violent incident during a game they have been banned from playing and resorted to fighting, smoking and hanging around game parlours and stuff like that. deep inside though, they still yearn to play again, they just need a little push. the series is funny and enjoyable – or maybe it’s just that I like gang fighting and the sort, not in vain is [crows zero] one of my fave films so far.

the characters are really omoshiroi and the actors too:

kawato kouji [sato ryuta] is the *stupidly enthusiastic* teacher and a pain in the ass for the boys. otherwise he is a great person, genuinely worried about his students (yankumi style, I swear) and 2nd dan in karate! [sato] played master in [kisarazu cat’s eye] (also related to baseball @_@, does this man ever get a break?) and kattori in [bambino], where he was pretty cool, in my humble opinion V_V

aniya keiichi [ichihara hayato], the leader of the gang, he has real skill for baseball and back when they could still play he dreamt about koshien. he’s now a playboy that uses the baseball club quarters to bring girls and… erm, yeah. however, he seems to be very close to yagi touko – they must know each other since they were kids or something, since she calls him kei-chan – and all his coolness shakes when she jokes about having sex with him. [hayato] appeared in iwai shinji’s [all about lili chouchou] some years ago; since then he has starred in [waterboys2] and [niji no megami] with [ueno juri]. this boy is just gorgeous, the aniya look suits him perfectly!

wakana tomochika [takaoka sousuke] the catcher of the team and the “mood maker”, when he is not around things start falling slightly apart. he is as stupid and stubborn as the rest of them and gets easily flared up when challenged, but he has his weak points too. [takaoka] played a similar role in [crows zero] – takashi miike film about gang fighting, based on a very popular manga by takahashi hiroshi. other works include dorama [attention please] and famous [battle royale] (I have to see that one again because I don’t remember him…)

mikoshiba tooru [koide keisuke] is the only one in the band that doesn’t cause any trouble, he just hangs around with them out of former friendship while he keeps harboring hopes of playing baseball with them one more time. nice and kind-hearted as he is, mikoshiba is easily bullied, but if it weren’t for him the baseball club would have never reformed again. you might have seen this actor before in [nodame cantabile] as MASAMI!!! yes, I also had a heart attack when I realised… he looks so kakkoii in the magazines and so cute as mikoshiba… example of how afro-hairstyle and weird chinese-like mustache can ruin your image… V_V*

sekikawa shuta [nakao akiyoshi] may not be the teams ace but he is undeniably the fastest runner the have. second to come around after mikoshiba, his feelings towards the baseball club’s future are as strong as anyones’. [nakao] also appears in [waterboys2] and [dragon zakura].

shinjo kei [shirota yuu] the most violent and dangerous of the boys, he is last to rejoin the club due to his stubborness. despite his apparent detatched attitude he is the one that values friendship the most and would never betray his mates. this actor is actually half spanish, as a consequence there is a substantial difference in hight with the rest of the boys – poor japanese shorties – which makes him look monstrously big, when he is actually normal! just check [hanakimi] where he played kagurazaka, you’ll see he has more or less the same build as [oguri shun].

the other members are: [kawamura yousuke] as hiyama, [onoue hiroyuki] as imaoka, [igarashi shunji] as yufune and [sato takeru] as okada.

and [kiritani kenta] as hiratchi – this was my second heart attack. I thought “kiritani, kiritani… where did I hear that name before?” and then I find a post in a blog saying that he had appeared in [crows zero]!! “OMG! now I remember! he’s my GOD from [crows zero]!” this can’t be true! they have depicted him as the idiot of the group and with that horrible hair style and mustache he loses all his sex-appeal… T_T  please take a look of the “before” and “after”:

the rest of the cast includes [murakawa eri] (yagi touko) from [sexy voice and robo] and [fukiishi kazue] (mayumi rie). you can also see her in [bambino] playing matsujun’s girlfriend, eri, and in [yamada tarou monogatari], again as a teacher.

since it finished airing pretty recently only the first nine episodes are subbed in english  – all thanks to [skeweds] and [TimeLesSubs] :)   torrents this way —>

ep#1 :: ep#2 :: ep#3 :: ep#4 :: ep#5 :: ep#6 :: ep#7 :: ep#8 :: ep#9

if you don’t care about the subs because you just want to enjoy watching the boys, go ahead and download the RAW episodes! (note: 1280×720 divx6.xx)

ep#10 :: ep#11

if you like the ending song, [kiseki] from GReeeeN, I left an MF link in a previous post. :)


16 08 2008

last wednesday I finally went to see [hana yori dango F]!!! – go me!

I went to roppongi hills’ toho cinema – mainly because we had already tried it when we went to see [崖の上のポニョ] and also because on wednesdays it’s only 1000¥ for girls :)

just a quick note, I got there at about 16:15 to buy the tickets for the 18:35 session and the were already SOLD OUT!!! when do japanese buy their tickets? do they get there in the morning or what???? so I had to make do with the 21:25 session – there are not as many screenings per day as in europe, even in big cinemas such as this. it was definitely worth it though, there was no way I was going to watch matsujun from the first row!

the film in itself is not bad, same style as the dorama but with really good illumination and photography. the story goes something like this:

makino and domyouji are finally getting married – with whole scene of formal proposing, kimono and all, parents meeting each other, bla, bla, bla…- and tsukasa’s mother (who seems to have reconsidered and is all nice and smiley) offers makino the most precious of the family jewels to wear at the wedding. the thing in question is a tiara with four gems as big as plums: one from america, one from hongkong, one from an isle in the south and the other one I didn’t get it :p

as soon as they start celebrating the upcoming event the tiara is stolen – long scene of domyouji chasing after thief and much “tsukasa style” fighting. don’t ask me why, but it seems they cannot get married if they don’t retrieve the thingy – predictable, but I didn’t get the reason why, excuse my poor japanese :p

from then on it will be a long trip to get the tiara back, from las vegas – casinos, more chasing and a really cute scene in the motel -, to hongkong to attend an auction with all F4 members (they wouldn’t miss the fun, would they?). then they end up in a deserted island who-knows-where, both alone and… happy? the fact is tsukushi’s doubts about the wedding have got bigger and bigger as the quest for retrieving the tiara became more difficult. are they too young to marry? are they really ready to spend their lives together? will she be able to make tsukasa happy? why does everything get so complicated for them? that’s what she is thinking, more or less.

the famous scene with matsujun shirtless in the water is obviously from the island sequences – there are many funny things here, like seeing how tsukasa grows a ridiculous amount of facial hair (poor thing, his beard is like three or four hairs…) and then shaves it off with a broken visa (no kidding). and then when makino asks him about his dream and he replies: “I’ve got it right in front of me.” pointing at makino. :) he can be sweet when he’s at it. you will discover tsukushi’s dream in the last scene, during the credits – I’m not spoiling it for you.

things about the other F4: nishikado is taking over the family business and giving conferences about the tea ceremony (the audience is nothing but women, of course); mimasaka is doing pretty much the same, though his family’s affairs involve shooting, scheming and being targeted by other bands *gulps* (I didn’t know this side of akira, he seemed so innocent…); the only one who is doing nothing is rui (or maybe he is and I just didn’t get it, but you just see him idling in his bedroom @_@). apart from that, shizuka gets married in france, sorry rui, life is hard.

best things… apart from the actors? the cute and funny scenes – in las vegas’ motel domyouji draws makino to the bed with the obvious intention of sleeping with her when they are interrupted by another character (forgot the name since he is not one of the regulars); domyouji snaps like a string and lies on his belly immediately (I was confused by this at first) but when when he sits up, he turns his back on the other two, makes a ball with the sheets and covers his crotch… seriously, just because he was thinking about sleeping with makino? lol

however, what I liked most is that after the “final” scene you get to see an epilogue, the “one year later” sort of thing. soujiro has writen a book – about tea ceremony, what else? – and yuki goes to the signing to surprise him. although he smiles warmly at first next thing he does is run away from her like mad. akira has become an oyagun (more or less) in hongkong – very much like “the godfather” asian version. rui… I never understood what happened with him, but at least he leaves his room. and a great scene with makino and domyouji back in the deserted island (this time they go there on purpose), where tsukushi reveals her dream. :)

kat, akiko-chan, I hope they release the DVD soon so we can watch it together guys!!! I’m so frustrated because I cannot comment on the important scenes so I don’t ruin the film for you! T_T

here’s the japanese trailer.

and I’m leaving the korean trailer here, since it seems it has some scenes that the japanese one omitted.

and I couldn’t leave [one love] PV out.


11 08 2008

I’ve been watching some new dorama lately (apart from 魔王) – among them [lastFRIENDS], a dorama I had sort of overlooked and discarded because of the title (never rely on japanese titles).

strong points of this series: different story (no more high-school, uni stories or weird, far-fetched plots), mature approach to a range of different topics and focus on character development and introspection rather than in the action. also, great cast: [ueno juri] (nodame), [eita] (mine), [mizukawa asami] (kiyora) – all from [nodame cantabile] -, [nagasawa masami] (proposal daisakusen) and NEWs’ [nishikido ryo].

michiru (nagasawa) is a very nice but fragile person; searching for the emotional stability that she lacks at home, she meets sousuke (nishikido) and they start an ideal relationship. however, as soon as they move in together sousuke becomes extremely possessive and violent with michiru, who feels helpless and just puts up with her new situation.

meanwhile, ruka (ueno), a former high-school friend of michiru, is finally realising her dream of becoming a motocross pro racer. but her life changes when she meets michiru again after 4 years of forced separation. her love for her friend drives her to protect michiru as soon as she realises that something is wrong and she takes her to the shared house where she lives. but ruka has been living a lie all her life, pretending to be someone she is not – michiru’s sudden appearance will trigger bitter thoughts.

takeru (eita) also has a secret he hasn’t told anyone. in the shared house he will play a supportive role, always taking care of the others in the most subtle way, but he would never let them know that he needs as much help as they do.

eri (mizukawa) seems the most outgoing and carefree person in the house. she falls in love every now and again and has had a lot of relationships. always making fun of love and talking carelessly she is indeed craving for true ever-lasting love herself. if only men realised that she is not as strong as she looks…

and I’m not telling anything more!!! you just watch it!!!

there are 11 episodes and a SP that you can find subbed in english by [kioku] here (torrent)

meanwhile, I’ll leave the opening, so you can enjoy utada hikaru’s [prisoner of love]:3

[maou] update*

23 07 2008

if you use a torrent engine (like utorrent or azureus) and you haven’t found yet the first [maou] episodes this is your post! I’ve been checking [d-addicts] regularly, but for some time they only had the RAW versions. now you have eps 01 and 02 subbed in english – and pretty good quality too!!!! ureshiii!!! download them here.  subbed by [STORMY team] – thanks a lot guys! ep 01 finished downloading today and I finally got to see nino!!! even if he only appears 45 secs or so, it’s worth it… 

now headed to see [letters from iwojima] – guess why… :3


12 07 2008

as I’ve already mentioned before I don’t have a working scan, so I wasn’t planing on posting any magazine issues because taking photographs of the pages just sucks. but after the [maou] post yesterday I wanted to upload photos of [ikuta toma] with his new look and failed to find any good ones in the web. then I said to myself, *what the hell! I’ve got some good pics in the magazines!*. and that’s what did it. sorry for the poor quality, though…

the first ones are from [gyao]’s july issue. the last ones come evidently from [Ldime].