[きっと大丈夫・嵐] kitto daijoubu lyrics and trans

8 11 2008

*musings*: this song has proven a little tough – ironically because of all the english words! to try to grasp the meaning of the verses I had to make a guess at what they must have been thinking in japanese to make such a strange choice of english words. from there I struggled to translate back… I must say this song doesn’t make as much sense as the others – maybe because of my still-developing skills ^_^’

however, I had a lot of fun transcribing the katakana – you get such ludicrous occurrences XD


I would have translated [take me far away] too, but I spent most of the day updating my fonts and PS brushes because when I changed to mac I lost my old win libraries. sorry! fonts, brushes and the like are my weak point! I cannot bear to live on century gothic alone – I’m a sybarite.

pic courtesy of [info]mamoruchan :)


[楽園・二宮和也] lyrics trans + song

8 11 2008

as I mentioned when I posted [ファイトソング] this is the original composition prior to it – a 100% nino song, very sweet and endearing. since this is early production the lyrics are a bit naïve, but you can also detect his mischievous side in some parts (like when he says “if you don’t mind your mother getting angry we’ll be back by sunrise” and so XD). the title , “rakuen” means “paradise”.

since I imagine not all of you have the piece I’ll leave an MF link to it too – I honestly don’t remember where I downloaded it from, else I’d credit. enjoy the song!

[楽園]・二宮和也 (lyrics)

.::楽園::. (download)

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[台風ジェネレーション・嵐] lyrics and trans

8 11 2008

I’ve fallen in love with this song… the story is so sad… T_T I’d never paid much attention to it and it has turned out to be beautiful! I’m so glad I translated it >_<

this time there’s only one footnote *phew* – what a relief! I was afraid the footnotes would end up surpassing the song’s length…

[台風ジェネーション]・嵐  typhoon generation

thanks again to [info]mamoruchan for the pic :)
(don’t tell me not to thank you again because crediting is only fair!)

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[ファイトソング・嵐] lyrics and trans

8 11 2008

ok, new song!! first of all I want to thank[info]mamoruchan for being so kind as to edit the pics for me – it saves a lot of time :)

when I went looking for the kanji lyrics I read that the music and words were nino’s!! ok, so maybe you all knew this already, but I didn’t. looking further into it I discovered there’s a previous version of the song entitled [楽園] (rakuen) with different lyrics and sang by nino alone. I got hold of the mp3 (I guess he aired it in his radio show) and as soon as I have the kanji lyrics I’ll post a translation :)

but for the moment I leave here our dear fight-song, which will always inevitably remind us of the 2007 Time concert and the boys boucing up and down the stage. *sigh*

[ファイトソング]・嵐 fight-song

this time I had to make three footnotes – what’s wrong with this guys? why do they have to keep writing one word and saying another that has nothing to do with it in the first place? Ò.Ó I just don’t get it. still, I will keep making notes because I feel people would miss part of it if I don’t.

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[beautifulDAYS] regular edition

6 11 2008

I just received my copy of 嵐’s new single [beautiful days]!!!!! *dancing ridiculously in front of the computer*

even though it’s just the regular edition – the one containing the PV was already out of stock by the time I went to check on amazon – I’m ecstatic with joy! this is actually my first original 嵐 CD, though I hoped vainly for it to be [truth] – no luck here either, even though I was in tokyo by the time it was out.

so I thought I’d share – like I’m sure many other people will do these next days – uploading it to this blog.

the contents of the regular edition are:


.::beautiful days single download::.

01.beautiful days・02.僕は僕の全て・03.忘れられない・

04.beautiful days [カラオケ]・05.僕は僕の全て [カラオケ]・06.忘れられない [カラオケ]

the other two songs are [boku wa boku no subete] and [wasurerarenai]. I’m listening to them right now, but it’ll take me time to get attuned to them, so I can’t tell straight away if I like them or not. perhaps they’ll turn out to be like [how to fly] and [kaze no mukou he], which were both shadowed by the main songs in the single, but when listened to carefully you realise they are pretty good! *crosses her fingers*

that’s it for now. I wanted to start scanning the arashi photobooks I received, but my house-mate’s scanner is missing a cable – I went all excited to fetch it from her room after asking her permission only to find out it’s as good as having no scanner for all I can do with it in its present state… T_T  ゴメンね みんな…

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[yes?no?・嵐] lyrics and trans

6 11 2008

first of all, let me sight… I thought I’d have today to work on the songs, but I got an assignment for city planning due tomorrow and consequently spent most of the day in uni working with my group.

aside from that… I’m really pissed off.
in the short time I’ve been in rome I’ve come to notice the national sport must be moving bus stops around the city – I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve had to go in search of the new situation of my bus stop. yesterday I took the underground directly from uni instead of walking my 30 min to the place I normally wait for the bus because it had been moved to a street that escaped my knowledge – yet again. when I got out of the underground I recalled the nearest stop had also been transferred some good 600m down the street due to repaving of a strech of the road. I walked there resignedly under the heavy rain – because it was raining, of course. after waiting no more than a minute I resolved asking the people around me – experience has taught me that the more you ask the less you wait for a bus that’s not coming. and sure they told me the course of my bus had been changed that morning and that now it departed from piazza della repubblica. […] funnily enough, that’s where I had come out of the underground…
in the end I had to walk to another place, to take another bus that took me to one of the few stops that hadn’t been changed.
all in all it took me more than an hour and a half to get home, when it shouldn’t be more than 40min.

now, whoever tells me that rome is beautiful will have an umpleasant encounter with my knukles, I swear.

*cursing roman public transport vehemently, and wisihng for a meteorite to crash on atac’s central office*

sorry for the rant. here’s the song:

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[beautifulDAYS・嵐] lyrics and trans *update

3 11 2008

I finally found the kanji lyrics in a chinese page – the japanese lyric pages I know didn’t have them yet – so I had to check it a bit, because sometimes they change an ideogram or two and everything gets messed up *talks from experience*.
only two days for the single to go on sale >_< ! already ordered it in amazon, so it should arrive within a week with other things. today I got jun’s photobook and 嵐 toretate ^_^ 嬉しいよ!when I have time – and access to a scan – I’ll upload pics.

I’m including an edited version of the PV (edited meaning shorter). all credits to [info]mamoruchan who told me about it!
even if incomplete it’s very promising – the setting and atmosphere are a little dark, like those in [truth], but it balances the mysteriously cheerful ring of the song (given that the lyrics are not cheerful at all it’s surprising that the first impression of the melody should be of a happy-go-lucky type of song ¬.¬).

[beautiful days]・嵐

*update: I’m including a link to the CD song here, though you can download the whole single in a more recent post.