My possible Casting for “mortal instruments” Films adapting Cassandra Clare’s books

26 06 2008

Ohayou!!!! I wanted to post this because there’s a conversation (In a google group about the books) about possible actors for the adaptation of M.I. Trilogy and I had some in mind myself, so…  Also because of the soon-to-be Twilight Movie.

So, if the film were to be made I would like to see these actors in the big screen:

Clary: Amy Davidson, I think this girl is really close to the idea I have of  Clary, she is small, and has that boyish feeling as well, and the gorgeous red hair.

Jace: What can I say about Alex Pettyfer. He is just perfect, since I saw the film “Alex Ridder: Stormbreaker”  I knew HE had to be Jace. It’s not only the body or the face, he is also capable of doing the fighting scenes so he actually has everything it’s required to be Jace.He is a great actor and would make all the female and male readers happy with his portrayal of Jace, no doubt.

Simon: Raviv (Ricky) Ullman, he has something very important in common with the character, since he is  jewish too and has the humor needed to make a great Simon. If he puts on some glasses and a nerdy hairdo you’ll have the perfect Simon. Also I would love to see him with some of Simon’s stuff, such as the “Still not King” badges or reading comic books (graphic novels if you please).

Isabel: Well I’m not quite sure with this one, but I think Zooey Deschanel could make a great Isabel. She has that angelical look about her, but also a dark side that suits perfectly with Isabel’s character. She is really pretty, has some amazing blue eyes and could perfectly bring to life the Shadowhunters fights. she is tall, thin and gorgeous with anything she wears, just like Isabel actually.

Alec: Ben Barnes, although this one is not my final choice. I still have to find the perfect ONE.Till then try to picture him with blue eyes…

Magnus: Magnus had to be asian, or with asiatic appearance, so I thought of a japanese actor, Tetsuji Tamayama, I found him thanks to an adaptation of a manga book, “Nana” where he played the part of Takumi, the one I thought best for playing Magnus, so If they chose him so would I. He has the necessary  appeal and the perfect appearance to be Magnus.

This Is the manga version of Takumi, It’s just how I saw Magnus while reading.

Jocelin: Kate Walsh, maybe she is not perfect for it, but I find her suitable. I didn’t quite like Julliane Moore or Gillian Anderson so…

Luke: Tom Lenk,I found him thanks to the group discussion and just thought he was perfect for the part. He has this lovely face, and you have the constant need of hugging him, so HE is the perfect Luke.

Hodge: For Hodge I thought of Liam Neeson, he is a great actor, and has the look of a good person. With all his acting skills I really think him best for the role.

Valentine: For many, many reasons I’ve chosen Ralph Fiennes for the part. He is perfect in every single way, so he would be just perfect as Valentine. Just picture him with white-blond hair.

Maia: She appears first in the second book but I wanted to show the actress I found for playing her:,Jurnee Smollett.

That’s all for now, I will still be searching for a better Alec and a better Clary, if I can.  Please If you haven’t read the books yet, run to the stores and buy City of Bones (I also recommend that you purchase City of Ashes aswell, XDD!!!) they are great books. I’m waiting for the last one to be released, but I’ll have to wait till March ’09 T_T.


[mortal instruments] fanart – isabel&alec

14 04 2008

I finished isabel and alec today while working at my university’s student association. yey! only jace to go!

the kanji on isabel’s cheek means “beauty” or “beautiful”, while alec’s is “ai”, from “love”.

hope you like it!

more [mortal instruments] fanart

13 04 2008

as I said, I would be eventually drawing some more fanart for [the mortal instruments] trilogy. I have just finished the second book, [city of ashes], after kat XDDD returned it this weekend and I feel more like giving it a push. I had already read through half of the novel when I handed it to Kat XDDD in an attempt to draw temptation  away from me, so I started some new designs for the characters. I wish I had the time to illustrate some of the book’s scenes… regrets, regrets… meanwhile I bring you simon and clary. isabel, alec and jace are waiting patiently in my photoshop workspace.