7 10 2008

because japan will never cease to surprise us with yet another ludicrous occurrence.

here are the posters (up to this month) of the campaign entitled “train manners” – personally, I would have never thought that japanese needed any sort of reminder in the matter. just the funny, sour looking man that appears recurrently in all of them (like wally) is enough to make you twitch your mouth into a small smile. but the last three posters are just hilarious. I came across the “do it in the beach” one down at ebisu station, but didn’t know of the existence of the others until now.

go ahead, crack a laugh.


things I find curious about japan [01]

21 07 2008

a. of young girls and fashion:

    a japanese girl will buy a pair of shoes she likes even if they are two sizes too small for her;

    she will stand with the toes of her feet pointing inwards because it’s cuter

    she will walk feigning a limp because this too is cuter (though I have my suspicions this may have something to do with point 1)

b. of litter and recycling:

    the japanese citizen must separate his garbage into 4 different classifications: burnable, not burnable, cans and glass. (this at least in tokyo, I’ve heard other places have up to 25 different categories for garbage)

    you do not take away your garbage just any day, you have to wait for “non-burnable garbage day” to do so. (I wonder how they manage in those other places with 25 different garbage)

    still, you do not find a fucking garbage-bin in tokyo! there are plastic-bottle and can bins beside jihanki, but what if you want to throw away paper? I’m sick of carring my garbage around in my bag…

c. of trains

    if you are ever late because of a train delay you can ask for a “tardiness certificate” at the station

this was borrowed from daniele’s blog. thanks a lot daniele!