[mortal instruments] fanart – isabel&alec

14 04 2008

I finished isabel and alec today while working at my university’s student association. yey! only jace to go!

the kanji on isabel’s cheek means “beauty” or “beautiful”, while alec’s is “ai”, from “love”.

hope you like it!


more [mortal instruments] fanart

13 04 2008

as I said, I would be eventually drawing some more fanart for [the mortal instruments] trilogy. I have just finished the second book, [city of ashes], after kat XDDD returned it this weekend and I feel more like giving it a push. I had already read through half of the novel when I handed it to Kat XDDD in an attempt to draw temptation  away from me, so I started some new designs for the characters. I wish I had the time to illustrate some of the book’s scenes… regrets, regrets… meanwhile I bring you simon and clary. isabel, alec and jace are waiting patiently in my photoshop workspace.