bureaucracy sucks

10 10 2009

this is a little story I sketched during the first week of classes this year. I had been back from an erasmus exchange and I had some paperwork to do. it wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the bureaucratic system and it’s lack of efficiency.


[where is brian?]

8 07 2008

 I heard the [brian joke] shortly after I came here. it was sort of a private joke actually, between jenny, korin and miki. it goes like this (imagine a weird foreign accent, between french and something else):

jen: “whearh is brrian?”

korin: “brian is in zha kitchen.”

jen: “and whearh is jenny,

jen+korin: “… zha sistah of zha brrian? she is in zha baaathroooom!”

they would sometimes add: “it’s raining today, whearh is my umbrella?”

even though laughed at it – because I tend to find awkward, silly things pretty funny – I didn’t have the slightest idea what they were talking about. only recently did I discovered the source of the [brian joke]. it comes from a show of french actor gad elmaleh – you may know him from [priceless], with audrey tatou. this is the show in question; it’s obviously in french so I’ll post a translation tomorrow.

*favourite part: “oh, brian is lying on the floor! why, brian? why? why did you have to leave the KITCHEN?!”*