16 08 2008

I was thinking of posting this together with [花より男子final], but then I realised it’d be too much for one post.

these are the two [tokyo friend park 2] programs where the casting of [花より] appeared – the first one dates back to the airing of the second season of the dorama and the other one is “the final cast” to the movie. I have only seen the first one (I only downloaded the other one recently).

while writting the previous post I found myself remembering this program and thinking how funny it was. they all try to make matsujun act as leader – since he is, as tsukasa – but he is little  bit OOC here, he is more matsujun than domyouji after all. then you see oguri shun all happy-go-lucky, laughing idiotically and being all playful… such a contrast with sober, melancholic rui. shouta is really kakkoii (better than in the series) and you can tell he was only 21 then, he was just like a boy. the oldest one is abe *@_@*… 24 or so. and mao calls him “tonton”!!! – to me it sounds like french word for “uncle” *astounded*.

during one of the last games, where they ask the participants to answer individually about topics related to them, they asked matsujun if it was true that he used to read a lot of shoujo!!!! he answers, a little embarrassed, that it’s true, because he has two older sisters that were really into it he usually read it too. so he already knew [花より] before he was proposed to act as domyouji. and he said that while reading it he used to think that the coolest character was rui, and then he learnt he would be playing tsukasa instead lol!!!! at this oguri shun goes all excited and starts saying “that’s me, I’m rui!” and points at the name printed on his t-shirt – so cute! nothing like hanazawa rui, in fact.

in the end, they exchange all the “cleared” trophies for darts to get a chance to win the presents they asked for in advance. shun asked for a baby-cart!!! don’t panic, it’s not for him (no matter what the others say), it’s for his older brother and wife, who were expecting at he moment. he does get the price (someone else’s dart lands on the right place) and he says “niichan, I got it, I got it!” – but then another dart lands on the “baby-cart” slice! shun goes: “niichan, even if you have two it’s fine now!” – sooooo cute!!

the links are both to the torrents in [d-addicts]:



other interesting editions of the program include [arashi], [ikuta.toma+ohno.satoshi] and [rookies] as guests (in the latter’s case it’s not the whole cast, only kawato, touko, okada, hirachi and hiyama appear… *sad* misses aniya and wakana…)



27 07 2008



upcoming: [myojo] and [oriconSTYLE] ~~ when I have some time… ^_^U


27 07 2008

the august issues of [winkUP], [pOtAtO] and [dUeT] are already out – actually, they were out at the beginning of july… but I was too lazy to upload the photos. ~^_^U~

they all feature the same groups mostly: [嵐], [NEWS], [KAT-TUN], [ジャニースjr.], [kinkiKIDS] and articles about new dorama.

I’m just posting [嵐] and [maou] stuff, but if you want pictures from the other groups just ask for it – mind you, I don’t have a scanner, so I have to take pictures of the magazines with my camera…


isn’t ikuta toma gorgeous with his new look? :3


12 07 2008

as I’ve already mentioned before I don’t have a working scan, so I wasn’t planing on posting any magazine issues because taking photographs of the pages just sucks. but after the [maou] post yesterday I wanted to upload photos of [ikuta toma] with his new look and failed to find any good ones in the web. then I said to myself, *what the hell! I’ve got some good pics in the magazines!*. and that’s what did it. sorry for the poor quality, though…

the first ones are from [gyao]’s july issue. the last ones come evidently from [Ldime].


11 07 2008

I’d been looking forward to this for over a week and finally I managed to see [コードブルー] and [maou]. the first one is on  on thursdays at 10pm on fujiTV. [maou] is broadcasted by TBS and is on friday nights at the same hour as [コードブルー].

after seeing both my conclusion is… that  is kinda boring actually. I don't know, maybe not understanding a thing has something to do with my being bored to death. imagine watching [grey's anatomy] in japanese, ok? if medical technical words are hard to understand in english, where you can at least rely on them having a latin root, there's no way I would get the meaning in japanese! also, yamapi plays cool-blankfaced-hotty again and I hate it when they give him such roles - even though I have to admit that he looks great with the new hairstyle. I don't think I'm staying up late again - not even to see yamapi... but I leave you the ending here to watch - it's better than the opening and the song is [hanabi] from [mr.children]. next is a news advance of the series. you can already download the first episode here - still no english subs, sorry. if you find it anywhere, please tell me. :)

on the other hand, [maou] is much more promising. even though I understood about 20% of what they were actually saying it is much easier to get the general idea. [maou] is a suspense and detective dorama featuring [oono satoshi] and [ikuta toma]. I gather it's more or less the asian version of [sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street]; only this time the barber is a lawyer who suffered a family tragedy in the past - from what I understood having missed the first episode, his baby brother was murdered and his mother died soon after from the pain of loosing her younger son - so he becomes a double-faced demon searching for revenge on his relatives' deaths. on the other end we find this young detective with an obscure past - don't know what he did exactly, as I said I've missed the first ep - who chases after this mysterious serial killer and his enigmatic messages in the form of tarot cards.

[ikuta toma] is gorgeous in this dorama; the styling, the characterization... everything suits him perfectly. and finally they have left his hair-colour untouched! no more ridiculous dyes for him! hurray! (sorry nakatsu)

oochan looks great too - it's strange to see him play evil gone-nuts serial killer, but it's nice for a change. he has always been the nice, quiet type, never drawing attention to himself in 嵐 and now that he is given his first major role in a dorama he is the main character - and what a main character! all in all what I liked most is that they finally look like the adults they are - [toma] must be 23 now and [oono] is 28; I never saw the point of forcing them to play high-school kids way past their 20's.

so friday night is [maou] night for me from now on! the opening song is 嵐's [truth], from the new album due next year and it's not their style at all - which means I like it even better. here's the opening and a CM.

first episode's unsubbed torrent to be found here. the thing I regret most about having missed that ep is that the special guest was [nino]...


8 05 2008

[hanazakari no kimitachi e, ikemen paradaisu] is the incredibly long title of a jdorama that translates as [for you in full bloom, hotties paradise] no less… forgetting this undoubtedly ill choice of a title, the series is actually great. totally absurd humour in an all-boys boarding school, with [horikita maki], [oguri shun] and [ikuta toma] as maincharacters and co-starring [mizushima hiro] and [shirota yu].

ashiya mizuki [horikita maki] is a japanese girl living in the U.S who infiltrates [ohsaka high], an all-boys boarding school, disguised as a boy to meet one of its students, high-jump athlete sano izumi [oguri shun]. sano has given up high-jumping due to an injury and for some initially unknown reason mizuki blames herself and is determined to make her idol jump again. we could say mizuki’s decision is what triggers everything. in each episode we will see mizuki struggle to live among all these teenage boys without being exposed for what she really is. she will gradually get more and more into her role of “boy” to the point where she becomes a little reckless, which is the most fun. meanwhile, her desire to restore sano’s dream will develop into a different feeling altogether, something she doesn’t realise until much later. what she is certain about is the importance of her friendship with nakatsu [ikuta toma], who is himself struggling with his own feelings for what he thinks is a “boy”.

utterly hilarious and a bit childish at times, hanakimi is another romantic comedy worth seeing. the best character is without a doubt nakatsu shuichi [ikuta toma], always talking to himself and gesturing too much for his own good. [oguri’s] character, sano, has also very good moments, specially when he gets drunk and starts kissing everything that moves!

there are 12 episodes to this series and a special coming up this summer in japan. I think it is subbed in english by [sars fansubs]. you can find each episode’s torrent at their site, but I rather recommend that you look them up in veoh for dd.

as you can imagine, there is a manga from which everything stems. if you’re interested in knowing more about it check this post on [hanakimi] from [scrumptious]. since I can’t seem to make the link work i suggest you google “scrumptious animeblog” and you should get to it without much problem.

right there, enjoy!