[流星の絆] ryusei no kizuna_beautiful days

10 10 2008

I have been either very busy or very lazy to check on the autumn upcoming doramas. I knew ニノ was starring in a new series for TBS that would cover [魔王]’s slot (yes, I’m sad too that it’s over – no more hot 生田斗真 for a while). but I didn’t know much about it, to tell you the truth; just the title [流星の絆]

the story is again one of revenge it seems (TBS is straining the topic a bit, what with [魔王] first and then this, but it may stick, who knows). three orphan siblings – played by [二宮和也] ninomiya kazunari, [錦戸亮] nishikido ryo and [戸田恵梨香] toda erika – swear on a shooting star that the time may come when they will avenge their murdered parents (hence the title: “bonds of a shooting star/meteor”). the kids grow up and finally discover the identities of the murderers. the two boys are intent to follow as sworn long ago, but they have overlooked a small detail: their sister.

the script is [kudo kankuro]’s, you may know some of his works: [kisarazu cat’s eye] (dorama and movies) and [ikebukuro west gate park] are the most famous. I just mention it because it could be a warranty of a good script and plot. I loved [kisarazu], so I hope this one turns out well – I got tired of watching dorama for the sake of someone’s appearance when I came across , that did it for me. so if this one is not good I won't follow it, not even for ニノ.

other interesting facts about the dorama are the two songs that are known to feature as the opening and insert song. the first one is the new [嵐] single [beautiful days] - how long has it been since truth was released, two months? and there's another single going out 5th november? do they ever stop to breath? - and the second one is a ballad by [中島美嘉] nakashima mika, whose brief collaboration with morisanchuu seems to have been just that: brief. honestly, what a waste. I'm leaving here the MF links to both songs - mind you, the [嵐] one is a radio-rip from ニノ's [baystorm], as the CD has not been released yet.

.::beautiful days::.


in fact it was the song that triggered all this. I was walking around rome the other day for lack of anything else to do, when I suddenly remembered about [ryusei no kizuna] and wondered who would be doing the theme song. the poll was strong on [嵐], of course, but since ryo is also in the series I thought maybe [NEWs] would be given a chance. but apparently not - now I feel stupid for even thinking about it.

while you wait for the dorama release in TBS on 17日10月, I found a TFP2 special of [ryusei no kizuna]. the file is some good 1.1Gb big, so there was no way I could upload it to MF without upgrading - and believe me, that's not gonna happen in the near future - so instead you have the d-addicts torrent link.

*current mood: impatient*



24 08 2008
Behold... My Future
I will marry nino.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in le marais in our fabulous Apartment.
We will have 7 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a melon aston martin.
I will spend my days as a johnny kitazawa\’s succersor, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

these are my results in this silly mash game lol
seven kids!!! WTF! will nino really be up to that? the first time I got sho-kun, but since I hadn’t got the knack of the places and so I though I might as well repeat it and write something decent (note: for some reason I got the same job both times, coincidence?)
can’t wait to see your results kat!!! :3

Behold... My Future
I will marry oh-chan.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in roppongi hills skydeck in our fabulous House.
We will have 13 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a golden hummer.
I will spend my days as a kabukicho hostess, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

this time I got oh-chan!!! yay! actually I just wanted a different job and a more extravagant living place… since kat won’t let me exchange husbands! bye bye matsubunny… oh-chan is also a good option though :3


31 07 2008

just as promised, [how’sITgoing?] concert solos are here! jun wears some weird all-black leather-plastic suit that reminds me both of [HG hoo] and cassandra clare‘s draco… it’s weird, somehow… can’t say it’s sexy though *confused*. and sho-kun’s is one of my favourites so far – it’s been already published in kat’s blog, but it felt awkward to chuck him out of the post just like that, so I kept him :3

oh-chan’s solo: so-so-so

sho-kun’s solo: touch me now

nino’s solo: yume

jun’s solo: don’t cry

aiba-chan’s solo: yokaze


30 07 2008

following kat’s series of posts about 嵐 solos per member I’m helping her including those you can no longer find in webs as youtube or veoh. instead of classifying them by singer I’m posting it by concert. I’m actually cross-posting to [habitacionAMBULANTE] (kat’s blog) in spanish. so as soon as she approves them they will be on her blog too :)

starting with [allORnothing], 2002 concert:

oh-chan’ [bite the love]

sho-kun’s [konya wa boogie back]

nino’s [regress of progress]

jun’s [one more time, one more chance]

aiba-chan’s [hitsuji wo kazoe]

as you see they were pretty young -jun had not corrected his teeth yet… I think they look cute, but the most recent shows – say from [iza, now!] onwards – are way better than the early solos. still it’s nice to see the evolution and how they’ve changed, ne? :)

coming soon [how’sITgoing] – all thanks to dailymotion *reverence* – that I discovered by chance looking for [AKFG]’s afterDARK PV. :)


27 07 2008



upcoming: [myojo] and [oriconSTYLE] ~~ when I have some time… ^_^U


27 07 2008

the august issues of [winkUP], [pOtAtO] and [dUeT] are already out – actually, they were out at the beginning of july… but I was too lazy to upload the photos. ~^_^U~

they all feature the same groups mostly: [嵐], [NEWS], [KAT-TUN], [ジャニースjr.], [kinkiKIDS] and articles about new dorama.

I’m just posting [嵐] and [maou] stuff, but if you want pictures from the other groups just ask for it – mind you, I don’t have a scanner, so I have to take pictures of the magazines with my camera…


isn’t ikuta toma gorgeous with his new look? :3


4 07 2008

I’m afraid this will become a new cathegory with 日本 as parent directory… I’m basically following kat’s instructions and taking photos of every ad where 嵐 or other celebrities star in. this is what I’ve found so far:

小栗旬 in a 自動販売機 (vending machine)

松潤 and pepsi

松潤 au CM big version at shibuya’s hachiko exit

松山ケンイチ (L in deathnote) for docomo group

山P’s new dorama ”code blue”

and last the AU CM’s that I posted previously, but this time pics were taken with my camera: